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New Comics Thread - 13th May


It’s the 13th, unlucky for some, but definitely not comics fans with some of the books on offer today:

This thread is for discussion about those or any of the new comics out this week. Feel free to join in but remember to hide any major plot points behind spoiler text as not everyone reads their comic at the same time.


Just Chrononauts #3 for me this week I think. When I met MM at that signing a few weeks back he was very enthusiastic about it - especially the car chase - so I’m really looking forward to it.


I should have Chrononauts #3 in my inbox; I’ll pick up Saga #28 digitally; and I’m strongly considering giving Injection #1 a try.


Oh, I missed that Saga was out. Yeah, I’ll be getting that too.


Is it true that Declan Shalvey (Moon Knight, Injection) used to be a regular on Millarworld?


I’m sure I remember chatting to him a long time ago, back when he was working on 28 Days Later, but I can’t remember if that was here or elsewhere.


He did used to post his art here, a long time back. Will Sliney too of the Irish artist crowd.


Chrononauts #3 (from the official thread):

What an incredibly fun, energetic, unpredictable and brilliantly-drawn issue. The car chase centerpiece was brilliantly done (and has convinced me more than ever that Edgar Wright needs to direct the movie of this - I want to see him edit the film version of that sequence!), but there were loads of great little smaller touches elsewhere too - especially when it comes to the absurd comedy of the situation (like the pink bathrobe) and the tiny details of Murphy’s artwork, which I found myself zooming-in on more than once as I read it.

Really great stuff.


Nicola Scott, too.


Yup and David Lafuente, and Curtis Tiegs has Kindergarten Heroes pending publication. Carlos Pedro just finished an issue of Elephantmen so we have at least 6 that have moved to professional jobs I can think of.

John Malin is impressing me now as a potential ‘graduate’ from the creative section.


[B]Secret Wars #2: [/B]This issue was good, but it’s all about outlining the status quo of Battleworld. Doesn’t really kick off until the additions at the end.

[B]Mighty Avengers #8:[/B] Luke Cage gets the best summation of the Illuminati yet. (Remember, he doesn’t know BP in on the team.) [URL=“”]Blue Marvel gets to tell Reed the truth straight[/URL].

[B]Convergence #6:[/B] We’re ending up with [URL=“”]good DC universes[/URL] vs. [URL=“”]asshole DC universes[/URL]? Okay. (No, the new 52 isn’t involved.)

[B]Thor #8:[/B] So now we know who Thor is. Not who anyone expected and a bit of an odd choice.

What does a hammer do in its free time?

[B]Convergence Minis:[/B] Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I thought Secret Wars #2 was a total blast. I love the world that Hickman is setting up here.

Southern Cross #3 was another outstanding issue, also.


Chrononauts #3 - Wow, this series is really going to be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am of a story. This story is literally and figuratively going full throttle towards the conclusion next issue and I love it. Murphy is one of the best guys in the business right now and I love how Millar is giving him room to stretch his all-out action/adventure scene skills. I also continue to enjoy Murphy’s obsession with the DeTomaso Pantera. I hope this series makes him enough to buy one. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to read the next issue.

I just realized that I purchased Saga #28 digitally but forgot to read it last night.


I read Saga but I haven’t written anything about it as I tend not to enjoy writing negative round-up reviews - and I didn’t really get on with this issue. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.


Thanks, all!

PS Who drew that big Thor image with all the Thors raising their hammer? he/ she might need stealing!


That’s from Secret Wars so it should be Esad Ribic, he is fantastic.


Yes. Please steal Ribic. I would love to see him on Millarworld project.


Yeah, Ribic is one the best out there right now.



It’s TIME he got rich like Romita and Murphy :smile:



It’s well worth checking this out for his artwork and also Aaron writing the best Thor story since Simonson.