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New comics thread 13th July 2016


Temble, ye posters of Millarworld! Gar couldn’t make it today and I’m your terrible host for new comic chat this week! I don’t buy comics very often any more so I don’t have a photo of this week’s releases for you, but what are you going to do about it? Post your own photos?

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Just this for me this week I think:

Dark Knight III #5: Collector’s Edition

(Thanks DC, for changing your logo halfway through this series, so that the back half of the issues look different to the front half! Luckily comics collectors aren’t known for OCD tendencies or anything.)


Even without looking -

Wonder Woman Rebirth Whatever Number But It’s The One By Nicola SCOTT!

That MillarWorld Annual thing.

Maybe something for a buck.


Ahhh…my second favourite moment of the week…sitting down with a cuppa browsing Comixology, greatful that Wednesday is nearly over…

Digital reads this week are…

Action Comics 959

All New XMen 11

Civil War II 3

The Dark and Bloody 6

Detective Comics 936

The Flash 2

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps Rebirth

Hip Hop Family Tree 11

House of Penance 4

New Superman 1

Nightwing Rebirth 1

Old Man Logan 8

Prometheus: Life & Death 2

The Violent 5

Vision 9

Weavers 3

Wonder Woman 2

The X Files 4

Hope I get them read in time to talk about them for once!


Read through the Millarworld Annual and man I have to say that I liked the Chrononauts piece.

I thought that Chrononauts was subpar and weak, but that short salvaged the concept.


I’ve got visitors staying at the moment, so haven’t read anything yet. Apparently it is bad form and you’re supposed to make small talk and make them feel welcome and stuff :rolling_eyes:

I think that it will be Wonder Woman, Action Comics and The Flash for me this week…

(pause for dramatic effect)
And the Millarworld Annual. I shall be passing by a comic shop tomorrow with my sole purpose being to buy a couple of copies.


I had a pretty big week this week. I picked up Dark Knight III #5: Collector’s Edition and Millarworld Annual 2016 at my LCS and Action Comics #959 and Wonder Woman #2 on ComiXology.


Millarworld annual was good, I liked the Hit-Girl story and art work the most…
Also picked up
The Flash 2(which really confused me)
Nightwing 1
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (best book ever)


Detective Comics #936 was awesome, with a pretty surprising twist ending (that may rub a few people up the wrong way - it did give me pause too, I’ll admit). I loved: the cameo appearance at the beginning; the growing relationship between Tim and Kate; the call to arms, and how that played out; and the classic cliffhanger ending. Martinez’s artwork was amazing too - similar enough to Barrows for visual consistency, but much more to my taste. Can’t wait for the next issue (this fortnightly shipping thing is ace when books are as enjoyable as this).


The Millarworld Annual was really well done. Congratulations to all the creative talent and people who put it together. I personally liked the American Jesus one the best, but everything was pretty top notch.

Now we need more proper American Jesus comics.

The only other book I got was The Vision which was great as usual. The series has had an undercurrent of melancholia throughout, but now it’s turning tragic as we knew it would. This was a very sad issue.


I read the prior issue last night and I enjoyed it enormously. I’m looking forward to this latest issue even more after this write up.

This is also the good thing about fortnightly shipping, it’s a bit easier to remember what’s happening and to stay in the story.


Action Comics #959 - I’m really starting to enjoy this book. The every-other-week shipping keeps the story immediate and interesting. The change in artist to accommodate that was even well handled. It looks like they will all be doing two issue rotations. The story has an ample amount of mystery while strongly hinting at a previous era in Superman comics. I’ll look forward to the next issue.

Dark Knights III #5: Collector’s Edition - Still loving the story in this. I’m glad Superman is back and fighting with instead of against Batman for once in a DKR Universe book. I love how Andy Kubert’s art is still walking this line between his own work and a bit of homage to Frank Miller. I really like Azzarello’s turn at this too. I’m curious what Miller’s backup art looked like as a mini-comic as the work lacked a lot of definition and was almost like a blurry blow up in places. The Collector’s Edition package is still quite nice. I’m looking forward to seeing where this story will go.

Millarworld Annual 2016 - This was so good. I’m so proud of our first round of Millarworld Annual creators. My favorites were the American Jesus and the Hit Girl stories. The first was eery and tied nicely into a particular moment in the first book and the second told a great little story visually while using the dialog to show a little bit of Hit Girl’s education. I also really loved the moment at the end of the Starlight story. Great stuff. I’m excited to see where all the creators involved go after this and what talent next year’s annual will bring.

Wonder Woman #2 - This was another setup issue largely getting the second story, a Year One type story, going that will alternate issues with the modern day story. There was a nice parallel made between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor but not a lot of action until the end of the issue. We’re now three setup issues in. So I’m hoping this book starts to pick up soon. I have high hopes from this creative team though.


I read Millarworld Annual 2016 on the bus home from the city. It’s a genuinely great read. I really, really enjoyed it.

The standouts for me were the Starlight, American Jesus, Chrononauts. I haven’t read American Jesus/Chosen in a couple of years so I’m a little fuzzy on the details. It worked great as a standalone. I thought it had the feel of something like 80’s era Vertigo.


This review of Dark Knight III #5 from CBR is pretty much in agreement with what I thought.



There was not a tale in the MillarWorld Annual that i did not enjoy! I’m a sucker for painted stories, so I gravitated towards them. My poor head still contains an editor, and, yeah, couple panels I might have a done a “fix it” order, and a couple other minor tweaks. IOW, Rachael did a great job! So did you newly-minted professionals! So incredibly happy and proud for the folks I know, and every bit as proud and a bit in awe of new contributors! That was really brave of you, and successful too! Yet, as a contest, we lose the joy of the other entries. September cometh!

Now a few words about WW #2. Just go buy it. Read it. Then, like me, build yourself a wee Nicola Scott shrine and watch flowers grow where her feet trod the Earth.

Oh, no - wait - it’s Nicola. Yeah, flowers grow in her footsteps, but they’re carnivorous! And there is a very quiet contest going on. Who does the best noses? Scott or Capullo? Yu and Andrews are out, both guilty of elfin noses in the past (Leinil is catching up mighty quick). Apparently the tale, focusing on Diana and Truth, is exposing the lies. This is to be the real story of Diana and the (relatively few) Amazons. What Nicola has done here is poured decades of emotion into every line, every panel. Wow.


Here here!


Thank you for the kind words! :blush: Glad you enjoyed the story.


Yeah, that pretty much aligns with my feelings too.

This was a good issue, and maybe the tightest of the series so far, in terms of everything contributing to the central narrative that drives the issue forward: the clash with the evil Kryptonians.

I think the art team of Kubert and Janson is doing some great things here: they’ve made the story their own with some impressive imagery that at times directly evokes the original DKR and at times does something new, while still not breaking too far from that style (like the great double-splash early on with Batgirl and Aquaman, which honestly looks like something Miller might have done).

I think I’ve put my finger on what this book reminds me of, and it’s The Force Awakens: a sequel that’s almost as much a remake, which goes out of its way to be reverent to the original, and yet which manages to feel fun in its own right, even when you can see at pretty much every point how it’s heavily (almost suffocatingly) informed by what came before it.

It works, though. Azzarello and Miller reworking the Batman vs Superman fight from DKR as a larger scale conflict against an army of Kryptonians is fun, as is the way Batman takes control of the riots and uses the people as a weapon, in a cynical harnessing of democracy, like DK2. And the final page is a real stand-up-and-cheer moment, even if it’s a bit of a cheesy one.

I agree with the comments on Miller’s art in the backup. It could maybe charitably be described as overly simple, and possibly better suited to the mini-comic format - but at full-size it looks a bit messy and crude.

I was also a bit surprised not to get the original Kubert cover to this issue in the back as usual - instead of the regular comic cover that shows Batman and Superman squaring off, there’s an alternate cover (also apparently by Kubert) that shows Batman and the new Batgirl hanging out together (which I can’t find online anywhere).

It’s not the only bit of cover-related oddness either. After reading this issue, I can’t help but feel that the cover to the previous issue (#4) might have been far more apt for this one:


I thought there may have been something involved with blowing the art up too but the CBR review was done on the original with the art at mini-comic size. It borders on on objectively bad and is a let down after previous backup stories and art.

That being said, the rest of the issue was amazing. I think your review is spot on, Dave.