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New Comics Thread - 13th January


Happy Huck Day!

There are also some other comics out today:

Yes we have evidence Secret Wars #9 is out!

This is the place to discuss that or any other comics out this week. Tell us what you think but don’t spoil plot points for people that didn’t read them yet. If you need to hide them using the instructions below:

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Secret Wars might be the most mediocre event in recent times.
It’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s just a huge pile of plodding nothingness.

It feels like a first draft story before you make sure things flow and can engage.


I should have Huck #3 and Mighty Thor #3 waiting in my pull box. Those are really shaping up to be two of my favorite books. I’ve gotten my wife to read both of them too and she’s been really enjoying them.


Huck ish 3 (with the Blues Brothers variant cover) is sitting on the desk beside me. It will have to wait until later.

Also 2000AD…which will also need to wait until later…and when I’ve read all the other 2000ADs since July.


Why are you sitting on the desk?


Oh, darn…I’m doing it wrong. How come no one ever tells me this stuff?.. :anguished:




This week’s digital purchases:

All New X-Men # 3
All New All Different Avengers # 3 (last chance)
Batman & Robin Eternal # 13
Earth 2: Society # 8 (Abnett taking over)
Extraordinary X-Men # 5
Huck # 3
Illuminati # 3
New Romancer # 2
Robin War # 2
Scarlet Witch # 2
Superman American Alien # 3
The Troop # 2
The Violent # 2


It’s crazy that in that huge pull list the highest issue number is 13. That would have been an oddity a few years ago.


…and that one is a weekly book!

What’s the issue number on your 2000ad prog @SimonJones?



Just checking now…That would be Prog 1963…continuous since 1977 (@Bruce, correct me if I’m wrong in saying that).


I don’t have a huge problem with it. I just find it odd. A few years ago we all expected companies to launch new #1’s but then integrate them back into the old numbering as soon as a majore milestone hit. I thought Marvel had the right idea when they used to list both numbers. With that, you could essentially treat each refresh as a new season while still having some perceived order to the whole thing.


I’d actually prefer what John Siuntres likes to suggest on Word Balloon which is annual volumes like magazines used to do. Every year we launch again.

Numbering doesn’t bother me too much at all either but it does make it sometimes very difficult to follow stuff in trade etc, especially with Marvel’s daft tendency to revert back for anniversaries. Uncanny X-Men 32 or whatever is followed by 600.


Nope, you’re correct. I suppose the number should really be a bit higher with the bumper sized end of year progs being numbered seperatly in the past.


Ya. I’m advocating something along those lines. Instead of renumbering annually, you could relaunch whenever and use the old number as a guide. It would give some cohesion between what series comes before another. It would also allow for the celebration of milestones without completely reverting back to the old numbering.


You know, I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing there as I was getting to the last couple of entries.

Pretty sad really, although it doesn’t include any stuff I get physically, or trades, where some of the higher numbered DC & Image books are.
Insane to think the late 40 numbered issues are some of the highest you will see on shelves.

Edit - or 2000AD/The Meg, which I subscribe to.


I’m already getting confused when trying to search for marvel books with the renumbering.

It’s going to cause all sorts of pain for readers & collectors in the future.


Secret Wars #9 came to a worthy climax and conclusion this week with many great character moments, and boiling down to an excellent confrontation between Reed and Doom!

Also, The Mighty Thor #3 was a great read! Not only was it an interesting look at the development of Loki’s character over the years, but we got to see Dauterman draw so many different iterations of the character!


I’ll pick up SUPERMAN AMERICAN ALIEN, I liked the first two issues a lot. It’s interesting to compare it to HUCK, but it looks like #3 (SAA) will take a big departure from the Small Town secret hero approach.

As far as HUCK, I’ll wait for the series completion. Currently, it’s not anywhere near as appealing to me as was WANTED, NEMESIS, SUPERIOR, MPH or JUPITER’S LEGACY/CIRCLE. Still, it is around KICK-ASS and SUPERCROOKS level. The main protagonist is just a bit too much of a Forrest Gump figure for me to really connect with. I like characters like that in Anime type shows (Gon Freecs, for example, or Aang in Avatar) but that’s because they are like 12-years-old - not grown men.