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New Comics Thread - 13th April


It’s Wednesday so it must be time for…

What a bargain, 10 cents!

These other new releases may cost marginally more:

If you read these or any other new comics then this is the place to chat about them for the next week. Talk about what you want but don’t spoil major plot points for others and hide them behind spoiler tags if necessary:

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Really keen on Moon Knight, All-New All-Different Avengers - and I’m curious about Spidey. Is it any good. Also, I’m still iffy about Spider-Gwen.

Just ran through the list and despite the Bat titles there’s not one DC title I’m still with on that list.
I think DC is trying to milk Harley Quinn as much as possible though.

Citizen Jack 5 is also out this week!


DC is in a bit of a holding patter before their Rebirth launch in a month or two. I wouldn’t expect anything too exciting in the new releases until then.


That 10¢ should really only be $1.75 today. Though we’ve discussed the several other changes other than inflation that have also pushed that price up. :wink:

I should have Jupiter’s Children Vol. 2 #5 waiting in my box.


Did you guys ever get to bottom of why this thread won’t stay pinned after you make your first post?

Just wondering as there seems to be a bit less activity in it since it went floating away with the other threads.

As of this Previews I am now about 75-80% digital in my monthly books, although I’ve moved a lot of books to trade.

I’ve been fully digital on Marvel singles for a while and moving DC to digital as of Rebirth.

The biggest catalyst for this is being able to read the books as soon as they come out. My LCS is essentially mail order, and my box arrives once every 4-5 weeks. There’s not a lot of point in getting floppies this way are I’m always behind any discussion.

With the new Rebirth titles I was really tempted to order them in paper copies, especially at that price. I still prefer paper, but the pro of getting the books on the day of release has been the winning factor.

It’s taking some adjusting to, but I adjusted from picking books off the shelf of my LCS every week to a Previews order and I’ll adjust again as much as I feel a bit sentimental about the ways I’m used to.

Still picking up Previews, still getting some singles in paper, still ordering most trades from Previews from 86th Floor comics.

But Wednesday afternoon on Comixology is now the favourite part of my week…

All New X-Men # 8

Black Road # 1

Dark & Bloody # 3

House of Penance # 1

Moon Knight # 1


It’s one of the reasons I favour digital for the monthlies these days too (space is another). The stuff I really like I tend to rebuy in hardcopy eventually once they’re collected.


It’s a settings issue. If you have “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.” checked under Topics at the bottom of the Preferences page, every time you finish a pinned thread it will unpin for you.


Ah right, thanks for that Ronnie, I’ll go sort it.


I think there may have been a board update or something that automatically checked this or something. It was doing it to me until I figured it out.


Moon Knight…

Every flavour of crazy. Psychological issues, mental scarring and reality vs perception. From the lunatic asylum to the “invasion of Seth”, it’s a page turner from the start. And if it ends like it’s started, it’s gonna be up there with Vision and Dr Strange as one of my favourite titles.


Who’s the writer. I enjoyed the previous series, though it was a little light-weight. I’d be keen to read more about this iteration of the character, especially after your review.


It’s Jeff Lemire.

By the way, I loved Amazing Spider-Man 10 this week. It is fairly action packed. I won’t give any spoilers, but my favourite line was “Last Christmas, I was his secret Santa.”. You really have to love Dan Slott, don’t ya?


Jeff Lemire. In an interview he said [spoiler] "By starting the story in a mental health institution, it allows me to play with different perceptions of what it means to be mentally ill, both through Marc and also through the supporting cast we will meet in there with him.

Now, having said that, I don’t want people to think this comic book is just going to be a preachy polemic about the issue of mental health. It is very much filled with big, crazy, bombastic super hero stories and concepts. It’s got humor and heart and horror. But I think I can use these things as metaphor to address bigger issues as well. " [/spoiler]

I think it has the potential to be one of the more thoughtfully written books of the year.


Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #5 - Another great issue. You can see the threads of this series converging into the next. I know some of what’s coming but can’t wait to see everything Mark has in store. I love the Chris Sprouse/Ty Templeton art duo too. Great issue. One more before the next volume of Jupiter’s Legacy. I’m so pumped.


Moon Knight was perfect.