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New Comics Thread - 12th October


It is Wedensday, traditionally a day of new comics, like these:

Come here to talk about the comics you read, enjoyed or not, tell us what you thought (constructively).

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Big week this week - as well as MM’s Reborn #1 and Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #4, there’s also All-Star Batman #3 and Kill Or Be Killed #3.


I should have Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #4 and Reborn #1 waiting in my box later. I’m in the process of getting Action Comics #965, All-Star Batman #3 and Doom Patrol #2 from ComiXology.


Double Millar, no chaser.


2000 ad progs 2001 & 2002

Judge Dredd: Get Sin - I love the opening shots of mega city judges riding up to a Sov military prison on massive mooses. Classic. This opening episode plays out like a big budget heist movie but by the end of the prog it’s more like a revenge flick. We get a couple of surprise appearances here with captured ex chief judge Sinfieldbeing the real target of Dredd’s crew and it was nice to see Anderson pop up. When was the last time these two actively worked a case together?

Flesh - the first ep is a recap of past flesh books and amazingly it does it really well in just five pages. It also highlights this series has few actual good guys. There are nice bits of humour and then a truly magnificent double page splash with Dino pulled wagons, sky skimmers and airlifted triceratops. It’s moody atmospheric and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hunted - Jaegir proved that the world of Rogue Trooper could abley handle a new series but with Hunted I’m not so sure. It’s early days but ep 1 didn’t do much apart reiterate that The traitor general is still running from RT, oh yeah, and that he has his own G.I. Soldier at his disposal. Next Prog gives us a bit more info as new protagonists hit the scene.

Counterfeit Girl - this is Milligan at his best. Some crazy ideas but not so zany or out there that I can’t actually follow what’s going on. It’s a future world with identities being a previous commodities and in ep 2 we begin to see the lengths that multinational corporations will go to to not only. Libra gets an unwanted guest in the form of a cognizantus rash with a Scottish accent. Off the wall ideas brilliantly portrayed by a creative team firing on all cylinders.

Savage - Flashbacks form a big part and Bill comes off very ‘Punisher’ in his methods and attitude and even in the way Pat Goddard draws him. But then thinking about it, he always has been a Frank Castle archetype. Never the less. Good stuff. Bills soon to be foe is revealed and half the story is set to sing lyrics.


Cinema Purgatorio #6 is out this week too. That always catches me by surprise - I think part of me was fully expecting the book to have an erratic schedule, but it seems to have been very regular so far.


I know amazing SpiderMan 19 was last week, but
I’ve just read it and I feel the need to comment on it.
This is soap opera superhero comics at their finest.
Tension and drama amped right up to the top of the scale and I can see why Slott started with quite an uneventful bunch of issues when the title relaunched, this needed a bit of a diversion and time to breathe first to ensure the impact hit home.
When reading the full run together it will turn out to be a master stroke in pacing from Slott.
I’d say this is my favourite superhero issue of the year.


Frostbite 1 (missed this last week)
Action 965
All star batman 3
Deathstroke 4
Detective 942
Doom patrol 2
Hal jordan green lantern corps 6
Moon knight 7
New superman 4
Old man Logan 12
Peepland 1
Red hood 3
Sheriff of Babylon 11
Suicide squad 4
The clone conspiracy 1
The flash 8
The lost boys 1
Unfollow 12
Unleash 1
Wonder Woman 8

Cinema Purgatorio 6
Reborn 1
The lost boys 1 (sequel to my favourite film of all time written by Tim Seeley, damn right I’m double, if not triple dipping this!)

American vampire anthology 2
Black science 25
Jupiters legacy 4
Kill or be killed 3
Lazarus 25
Southern cross 8
The fix 6
The fuse 22
Tokyo ghost vol 2


The Lost Boys was a nice dip into nostalgia.
It pretty much starts where the 80s Classic left off and the issue serves as a bit of a catch up with old friends, plowing thru the cast before teeing off on the new storyline.

You can tell Tim Seeley is a fan of the original movie though the hat tipping is a little bit obvious, hitting various beats - but somehow that works as its used to bring the reader back into that world using familiar touchstones, so the tactic is quite effective.

I enjoyed this a lot but then I was seriously looking forward to seeing these characters again, I’m not sure how readers who are not such a big fan of the movie will feel about it.


All-Star Batman 3

It’s getting really, really, wordy at this point.

At least this issue doesn’t hold the same repeating kind of wordiness as the first issue did.

House here, cure there, twitchy-muscly-ooga-booga where, all the time, everywhere…

Bloody too.


Dat art tho… Omnomnomnom


Snyder can’t resist himself :wink:

It’s one of the reasons I didn’t completely love his first run in Batman at times. Even though he’s a smart guy and knows how to write a story for sure, I think that becaue he’s coming from a more literary background he has difficulties adapting his ideas to comic book format.


Black # 1 is a good idea and has nice Igle art, but the script comes across a bit naive.

Cage # 1 from Tartakovsky is really fun and assured. Both in writing and art. I’ll buy the rest of this.

champions # 1 I went back and picked up on a whim and it was a good first issue with what feels like a fresh take on the team book. While I probably won’t pay for more issues, I’ll maybe check it out on MU further down the line if I have time. If the marvel books were the same price as DC I’d have continued buying this

clean room 12 was good old twisted brilliance from Simone and Davis-Hunt as usual

deadman 1, death of Hawkman 1, death of x 1, will all probably entertain fans keen to see these characters, or keep track of what is happening in the x-universe. Perfectly competent books but nothing more than that really.


dr strange 12 continues full on and strongly, a perfect showcase for Bachelo’s unique art and wonderful imagination. Aaron really plays to his strengths and Antonio Fabelo’s colours are getting a great showcase, playing a big part in the look of this issue.

future quest 5 is a really assured book, some amazing artwork - but the massive cast makes it a bit hard to follow as does the main storyline being limited to around 10-12 pages a month. It’s really stop start for that reason and I think I’m going to reluctantly drop it and maybe watch out for a big collection in the future, that can be read in one sitting - not really working great on a monthly basis, despite the high quality.

green arrow 8 is still flowing effortlessly, although I’m slightly confused on a couple of things that I’m sure will be cleared up as we progress thru this arc. Otto Schmit does art and colours here and I love his loose, confident style that almost touches Lemire and Kindt territory. His colours are also lovely and I wanted to transport to that island for a few hours myself.

green lanterns 7&8 I was done with this title, but the ads for the next arc made me want to come back, in case Humphries first 6 issues were just an unfortunate blip, especially as they happened to feature the red lanterns who I feel have had extreme overexposure. So I went back and picked up 7 & 8 to read the first 2 chapters of this 3 part arc.

I have to say this was a most welcome change of pace and focus. ‘Family Matters’ is the title of the arc and as you’d guess it deals more on the character development side of things and touches on stuff like Jessica’s anxiety issues and Simon’s Lebanese family dynamics, which is all really interesting and relatable stuff. The first 6 issues were like a bad space buddy movie, really drawn out - but humphries seems to have a handle on things now and shows glimpses of the solid, fun stuff that he displayed on his Star Lord comic at Marvel.
Where previously the book was on par with the worst of the new 52 GL stuff, these 2 issues have been genuinely exciting, well meaning, funny and a joy to read - and there’s a lot packed into them, but never in a turgid sense.
I just hope they never lost too many readers with what came before.
I’m glad I u-turned on this.


green valley 1 was better than I expected. I did not think the premise was that enticing when reading the solicits, but was intrigued to see how Max Landis followed up on his Superman mini series, which was at times average, but at other times really fresh and original. So I know there is a bit of potential there.
This issue started well and ended well, with a slump in the middle. The slump may have actually been necessary, in order to build up a bond between the characters and also the between the reader and the characters. While halfway thru I decided that although it was a decent book I probably wouldn’t continue buying it.
Then by the end I wanted to see what happened next. His text page at the the end certainly has me further intrigued, but even without it I feel some connection with these characters and a desire to see what is going to happen next. Especially after the final few panels.

midnight of the soul 5 ends as it began, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, althoygh it does still have its moments of subtlety.
Chaykin is still a master storyteller and this will sit nicely as a companion piece to the rest of his body of work. Whilst not as explicit as Black Kiss, it is still pretty full on and I enjoyed taking a walk to the wrong side of the tracks with him again. I was hoping he has something else lined up at Image soon, preferably as writer and artist, and I’m delighted to see the advert for The Divided States of Hysteria at the back of this very issue.
This book has also inspired me to go about filling the gaps in my Chaykin collection and to move my American Flagg collections further up my to-read pile.

Jessica Jones 1 this was good, Bendis back to the material that suits him best, and paired with the right artist for this book. Reads very effortlessly as well, which is pleasant. Again, this is one id pick up monthly at £1.99, but it’s MU for this too. I need to make an MU list for next year.

Justice League 6 was kinda weird, rather abrupt start which I didn’t like so much at first, but when I realised what was happening it became pretty good, and then appreciated Hitch just getting into it without a bunch of fannying about & exposition at the start


Action Comics #965 - I’m still intrigued with the mystery behind the new non-Kryptonian Clark Kent and whatever is going on with the Loises of two worlds but this is starting to feel like a continuity fixing story that will allow Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois to assume their New 52 counterparts’ places. I hope that’s not the case. They’ve bought enough good will thus far to keep me in for a bit.

All-Star Batman #3 - I’m still loving the art on this book but the story is starting to drag a bit for me. I may need to reevaluate whether or not I pick up the next issue.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #4 - Wow! I did not see that coming. What an incredible build up for such a great page. I’m sad to see Skyfox go but this change really shifts the focus back to Chloe, Hutch and especially Jason. I can’t wait to see what Jason does in the next issue. This is going to be so killer.

Reborn #1 - Millar and Capullo have laid out a great first issue here. I love that it starts off very real-world and then has this huge twist. Growing up the only thing that rivaled my love of Superman was He-Man. This feels very much like that kind of swords and technology universe that the Masters of the Universe inhabited. I can’t wait for more.


Which is pretty pointless when you think about it, considering that when the universe is eventually “fixed”, they will make it so as if both Superman and Lois always had been the ones from this continuity.


Ya. I mostly just don’t like continuity fix stories. I think it’s what put me off of the current Wonder Woman.

The writers on both Superman books have been handed some pretty convoluted continuity. To this point, both books have done well in just telling great stories and not really worrying about it. I would hate to see that end.


I have a feeling Jurgens may have been handled the worst part of it, while they told Tomasi to not worry too much about it and just tell fun adventures.


I’m still optimistic. I’m really loving the Superman/Lex Luthor dynamic in Jurgen’s book. It’s really something new and interesting. It’s almost like some of the things Claremont did with Magneto.


Any word yet on if this is cancelled due to the Wildstorm relaunch? I just bought volume 1 a few weeks ago and I think it’s one of the best books of the year.