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New Comics Thread - 12th August


We all agree, and Wednesday is the day new ones appear at your favourite retailer. Here are some of them out today:

This is the place we invite everyone to discuss the new releases, what was hot or not but please refrain from sharing major plot points unless you hide them behind spoiler text for those that haven’t read that book yet.

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Nothing in my pull box today. Though I think I might eventually be picking up the current run on Batman in some form or another. I would also like to encourage my fellow Americans (especially @Miqque) to give Judge Dredd: America a shot. This is supposedly the first time it will be in print over here. I had the pleasure of checking a UK edition thanks to @DaveWallace and it’s pretty good stuff.


New Phonogram doesn’t make Gar’s shortlist, for shame.


For some reason in the last few weeks Image have put very little up on the CBR previews, which is where I take my cover pics from. They only had one book up there this week.

Saying that I won’t feel any shame because despite admiring Gillen and McKelvie’s other work Phonogram is a strange book where my main reaction to reading it was to feel embarrassed.


The rest of us aren’t hip enough to read it. :wink:


That’s what I meant by for shame. I didn’t pick it up either, because it was $3.99.

I did get Omega Man based on recs here lately. Style over substance, I thought, but I can’t say I particularly disliked it or anything,

I also got Prez #1 which was really quite brilliantly done, although I think that kind of heavy-handed social commentary is something I’ve just grown out of, and I won’t read on.

Secret War #5 wasn’t bad, but it seemed like a weird place to take a break with a slower, exposition-heavy issue. This is still probably the best event book ever but that is a low bar to clear.


I can’t speak for Miqque, but my copy is on its way to my door (well, mailbox).


I think you’ll like it. Let me know.


Another expensive month! Y’know, I do have to eat occasionally!

Whenever Bank of the Slow gets around to sending new debit card so I can unfreeze my account due to piratical software villains who were actually good enough at their evil to fool me, I am late!

Mr. Milligan will have to wait for a while. I just can’t expand at the moment.

Upcoming when funds flow:

latest hitch JLA - It’s Hitch. I’m hooked. BRYYYYYYYYYYYAAAN!
We Stand On Guard #2 Ditto, eh?
Jupiter’s Circle Big Costly Issue - Mark’s been my main dealer for decades.

Judge Dredd: Case Files 3 for sure (first of the Dread Judges, eh?), probably Judge Dredd: America (I do listen to you folks! Limitations are by budget, not by good advice. You know I need my own Library of Congress - better called the Library of Comics! Small anteroom for non-fiction, wings for hard sci-fi, fantasy and Cold War-related books.) Need something around ten bucks, which is usually music. John Fogerty is due out with a new album (maybe a live one from current 1969 Tour - not to be confused with Taylor Swift’s 1989 Copycat Tour (that’s right - Swift is ripping off Fogerty! There! I said it!)

I still haven’t gotten a copy of Jim Keueger’s The High Cost of Happily Ever After. I would be extremely interested if someone with a youngish daughter (8-12) has read it and reviewed it. As interested in our female MillarWorldlarians reaction. Still waiting for the four-volume newly-painted newly-edited expanded Foot Soldiers. And it turns out both Jim and I have completely separate Sherlock Holmes stories going on. (His is more Elementary, Holmes in a current setting. Mine is more traditional, Holmes and Watson in Victorian England. Jim’s been a good friend since 'way back in Earth X days!)

I know there are a couple more titles. Right now I am not particularly liking either of the Big Two (with a few attractive exceptions), hooked on early Dredd, won’t miss any of the MW stuff (the films of the future!) and my trade-waiting list is ridiculous.

Don’t form pity! One major task awaits - a major restructure of all items in room (add bed, add recliner, move everything after major clean, upgrade tower and laptop to Windows 10, find power cord for ancient laptop, hook up tower to TV [really need TV repair and new Blu-Ray player as DVD is starting to show signs of failure, but that has to be later], get a reading device [just figured out how to do that while writing this], and shelve all my books and disks). Then there should be room for a few new comics!


I wasn’t completely sold on the first issue of Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde, but I loved #2. Lots of shout-outs to Claremont-era New Mutants and Excalibur.


Beauty #1: Picked it after a quick glance at the store. It was okay. It looks like it’s going to tread into overdone conspiracy tropes. Not enough there to make me want to pick up the second issue.