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New Comics Thread - 12th April 2017


Oh yes! Here are a few of those out today:

Read and review in this thread, don’t spoil any major plot points, if you want to discuss them we have a feature for that:

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Just the DKIII #8 Collector’s Edition for me this week I think. Nearly at the end now!


Action Comics #977 and DKIII #8 Collector’s Edition for me.


The latest ish of Detective Comics was great. Wonderful cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the next issue. Cassandra is going to f**k some people up…


I haven’t got mine yet (bloody holidays! :wink:), but I’ve not been feeling this arc, so far. I don’t know if it’s the “guest” artwork, or the fact that it’s such a bombastic storyline when the title implies something more sinister, or if I’m just missing Tim … Probably a little of all three :thinking: Hoping Tynion can turn it around with the next few issues!


Action Comics #977 - Not a bad issue but I can’t say I’m thrilled at the prospect of going through and nailing down what has and has not changed in continuity after the last storyline. The group gathering to take on Superman does seem interesting though.

Didn’t get a chance to read DKIII #8 SE last night. Hopefully, I’ll get a go tonight.


DKIII #8 Special Edition - A lot of this issue is a bit of house cleaning and setup for what I presume is the big finale in the next issue. The Kryptonians vs Amazon fight is easily the best thing in the issue. I’m not real sure where the back up story is supposed to come into play. Everything seems like it’s supposed to happen directly after what happens in the current issue but it doesn’t make much sense in respect to the way the actual issue ended. I am looking forward to the finale of this series.


Lazarus #22 - 26: “The Cull” - the fifth and final part of this arc was a long time coming, and was a shocking read.

Following on from the revelations in the first Soucebook, Rucka and Lark used this arc to provide answers to some of the burning questions about Forever, whilst at the same time furthering the Family intrigue, and providing some kick ass action with the Lazari in the European theatre. The action scenes in this book continue to amaze.

Given Rucka’s heartfelt editorial (worth the price of admission by itself) at the end of #26, and the delay in publication, I do wonder how much of the story was changed following Trump’s inauguration. The ending certainly stands in stark contrast to the rest of the arc.

The main Lazarus title is going on hiatus now, with a couple of Sourcebooks and a mini-series scheduled to take its place in the interim. I’ll miss it, and sincerely hope this doesn’t go the way of American Vampire.

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You pretty much captured my thoughts on this one. The fight with the Amazons is a nice setpiece but there isn’t much more to the issue than that. Kubert’s art is very nice though, as is the Miller/Janson art on the backup.

At this point though, the story as a whole feels quite incoherent, as though it’s jumped from one plot strand to the next without really having much overall focus. The fallout from Bruce’s resurrection seems like it’s handled almost laughably lightly here: oh, he’s here again, let’s get back to work. Nothing feels like it carries much weight as there’s very little follow-up to any of the events of the story after they happen.

I’m also struggling to see why they had to extend it to nine issues (other than to cash in that little bit more), but I’m still hopeful that the finale can tie it all together nicely. I might try and reread #1-8 again in preparation for it.


The way that’s handled in story is kind of funny from that perspective with Clark wanting to talk about it and Bruce just cutting him off.

It seems like there are a lot of loose ends going into the last issue. Like you, I really hope they can tie them all up in a satisfying way. I’ll ask Frank and Brian about it this weekend. :wink: