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New Comics Thread - 11th November


It’s here, and here some of them are:

This is the place to give your twopenneth and post reviews and debate the latest issues out this week. Please be careful with spoiling any major plot points, not everyone will read the latest when you do. If you need to mention them use the spoiler text described below:

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I don’t have anything on pull today but I plan on at least thumbing through All-New All-Different Avengers #1 and Ultimates #1 and maybe purchase one or both.


What’s the concept and creative team of the new Ultimates book? I don’t have anything on my list this week either but I’m intrigued.


It’s written by Al Ewing with art by Kenneth Rocafort. The team is Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, America Chavez, Black Panther and Spectrum. They are the team that takes down problems too big for the rest of Earth’s heroes. Their first mission is Galactus.


Thanks. That sounds like it could be fun, although not really what I think of when I think Ultimates.


Thankfully I have the day off today so I’m going to hit the LCS as they put out the new comics to see if I can get a copy of Vision.

I had no intentions of picking it up until you folks wrecked that.


I agree that it doesn’t sound like The Ultimates. However, I like a lot of the characters involved but not enough to pick up a solo book. I’ve also heard good things about Al Ewing from the 2000AD crowd here.

Same here. I’ll give it a shot after such glowing reviews.


Yeah, I think I’m going to check out Vision too.


i took a look at the preview for ANAD avengers on Comixology. It may be a great book but that preview did not work for me. Cap Falcon does not do it for me.


Ya. I like Sam as Cap but didn’t care for the preview I saw. Adam had the boards from issue #2 on his table when I saw him at the Kubert School and I feel like I should at least give it a thumb through.


Enjoyed Ellis’ James Bond comic. Definitely feels more like the novel’s version than the films though it’s not that important a difference.

Picked up issues 1-5 of Grant Morrison’s NAMELESS. It compares poorly to Alan Moore’s Lovecraftian saga at AVATAR (The Courtyard, Neonomicon and Providence so far along with an older self-contained story Yuggoth Cultures), but it does compare. Not set explicitly in the Cthulhu Mythos, it is definitely cosmic horror playing with some dark Gnostic/Aryan pseudomythology/occultism. It starts out like PROMETHEUS or EVENT HORIZON (or as one character puts it - “The Exorcist” meets “Apollo 13” which is essentially EVENT HORIZON) and then, like most of Morrison’s independent work, dives right off the rails in the 4th issue and becomes a version of Richard Matheson’s THE HAUNTING OF HELL HOUSE. Morrison’s technique of using incomprehensibility to express chaos is pretty ineffective as far as telling a story, but if you read it twice and then one more time slowly, it does offer quite a few nicely horrific ideas and moments.

Burnham’s work is pretty good in this, but the art does seem to be a bit too much not-quite Quitely.


Yeah, I think those moments end up working well because they’re paired with such horrific imagery from Burnham. It creates a genuinely nightmarish atmosphere that’s quite hard to pull off, especially in comics.

Providence and Neonomicon are a more intellectual strain of horror - Nameless is more visceral.


Anyone pick up Jason Aaron’s new Image book, The Goddamned? I’m curious.


Sam is not that bad, but a.) firing the shield into a car full of ppl and b.)having redwing retrieve the shield for him is just horrible.


I’m going to give a few of the new Number 1s from Marvel a try. As well as Superman: American Alien.


I will probably tradewait that one.


Looks like prequel to Aronofsky’s NOAH, doesn’t it?


That’s what intrigued me. I really liked the Noah comic and film.


I’ve pre-ordered it so I won’t get it till end of month

Thinking of getting it digitally to read now; but I’ve got a backlog…ill probably get this in trade ultimately like I do with all my image books.


Huck is next week, right?