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New Comics Thread - 11th May


Even superheroes like to go to the comic shop every Wednesday:

To pick up books like this:

Yes that last one seems to exist :smile:

This is the place to chat about your lovely new comics purchases but please take care not spoil the story for people as we all read at different paces so use the spoiler function explained below:

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I should have Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #6 waiting for me. I might check out Black Panther #2. I had kinda cooled on it but seeing Captain America: Civil War has me excited about BP again.


I picked up Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged in, which I think I missed last week.

And 2000AD


Read the first issue of the new Punisher title today, it was ok.
Not sure how what the take is yet. Dillon’s art probably elevated my enjoyment slightly, although I don’t like the hair on this new Frank.

Digital buys this week for me are


Did you pick up Thunderbolts? I haven’t heard anything on it at all.


Are you going to keep us hanging, bro? :wink:


Ha ha, sorry my wifi packed in


Action Comics # 52

All New XMen # 9

Black Panther # 2

The Dark & Bloody # 4

The Fix # 2 (meant to wait & get this in trade)

House of Penance # 2

Swamp Thing # 5

Vision # 7


Can’t wait to read southern bastards later tonight


Black Panther #2 - I had considered passing on this but was much more interested in the character following Captain America: Civil War. Coates is building an intriguing story with action and politics. Stelfreeze’s art is pretty top notch too. I’m interested to see what it is all heading.

Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #6 - I actually held off reading this until I could pick up the physical copy because I didn’t want it to end. The whole series has been pretty stellar and this is a great wrap up. I can’t wait for Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 to kick off.

The Official Jupiter's Circle 2 #5 Thread

As a big fan of John Byrne’s West Coast Avengers run, I was pretty tickled by The Vision this week.




It just has a nice take on the Vision & Scarlet Witch’s relationship over the years, with a heavy emphasis on stuff that happened in that run.


I realize now that your original post says “tickled”, which I had for some reason read as “ticked off”.

I am with you.


And now I have a mental image of Vision tickling Robert.


Only now?


Batman #52 was just great. The art was so-so but Tynion’s story was great, even though it had Batman kinda tipping his hat on his secret identity to the villain.
Love the new costume, too. Hope it stays in th upcoming reset.


It’s usually Wonder Man.


From all the publicity shots it seems it is.