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New Comics Thread - 11th March


Every week on a Wednesday we have new comics arrive at our favourite physical and digital vendors. This is the place where we discuss what we read and what we thought of it.

Here are some of the books out today.

The rules of the thread are please don’t give away any major plot lines as not everyone reads them at the same time, hide them behind spoiler tags if you can figure out how to do it on the new interface.


Do spoilers work on the new system? Hmm.




I should have Star Wars #3 waiting in my pull box today.


Nothing for me this week.


Howard The Duck #1 was good. Not much story there, but I liked the jokes a lot. Quinones’s art is great, but it’s an odd choice of book for him. I assume he’s only going to be doing the first few issues.

pinned #6


So, the identity of Rabum Alal, the guy supposedly responsible for the whole multiverse incursion thing, is revealed in New Avengers…

… It was underwhelming.


Was it Grant Morrison?


Star Wars #3 - This appears to be the end of the opening mini-arc. I really enjoyed it. It really had the feeling of an opening scene of the original trilogy. Aaron’s dialog and jokes felt perfectly timed. Cassaday’s art perfectly captured the actors’ likeness and expression while still maintaining his definitive style. I’m looking forward to the next issue and will like be on the book as long as the current creative team.


It was. Is he really behind the whole thing? I’ve honestly lost track of what’s going on, there are so many sub-plots - to say I’m suffering event fatigue would at this point be a huge understatement.

Same with Fantastic Four… there’s one issue left and I’ve kind of lost track of who’s doing what and why.

I’m sure these stories will read better in trade form, but that’s not the point - I’m buying them in a monthly format so they should be paced well enough to make it worth my while.


No, it’s sort of a war between the beyonders and him. But supposedly he was at the centre of the first incursion according to black Swan.


I wish there were spoiler tags. I want to know who the mystery big bad is but I’m not sure I care enough to Google it. :wink:




Brilliant work-around, Steve. Nice thematic link to the original. Thanks.


I disagree. I didn’t expect it, but it makes sense. I could have seen one or two other folks but none would have had the same impact as him.


I read some (but not all…so please don’t spoil it) of Amazing Spider-Man 16 this morning. The opening fight/discussion about mobile phone etiquette is very funny.


I got Becky Cloonan’s new book Southern Cross this week. Well, there wasn’t anything there that I didn’t love. In fact it is the best first issue I have read in eons.

Great sense of place, engaging story, nice mystery. Really really incredible art by Andy Belanger, which recalls Cloonan’s art and guys like Paul Pope, with a healthy dose of Kirby.

I can’t wait to re-read it tonight, which never happens.


I was curious about that one as I really like Cloonan’s art. I might have to check it out when it hits the price drop on ComiXology.


Cloonan is writing, not drawing. Andy Belanger does have a similar style to her though.


That’s the only reason I didn’t pick it up sight unseen. I prefer her on both duties.