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New Comics Thread -11th January


Yes it is new comics day. Here are some comics:

Discuss them all here and any others you may have read, don’t spoil any story points though, use the handy tags:

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My fangs have been dripping for WW #14 after the let-down of #13.

Don’t know what else yet!


Jessica Jones #4: I don’t have much to say here that I haven’t said about previous issues of this book: it continues to be a very good street-level superhero crime/noir book in the same vein as Alias. This issue features at least one decent twist and Gaydos’ art couldn’t be more perfectly suited to the feel of the story.

Today’s announcement about Bendis doing a Defenders book with Jessica and Luke (as well as Iron Fist and Daredevil) might have had me slightly concerned if not for this series, which shows that Bendis has still got it when it comes to this type of story.


Wonder Woman #14

This is the Wonder Woman I have been wanting forever.

She does not solve problems by hitting people, she uses her lasso as a last resort if reasoning won’t work. Awesome.

The art is absolutely beautiful. All the characters are beautiful. Even Ares.

I am wowed.


So Ms Marvel vs… Blanka?



Action Comics #971 and Dark Knight III #7 Collectors Edition for me to read tonight.


All New Wolverine.
Justice League/ Power Rangers.
The Deep.

Yep, i´ll be in a Tom Taylor binge tonight.


It was great to see Jock back on batman again in all star. I miss me some Jock.

Detective was solid again.

Still have WW, hal and the corps, moonshine, power man and iron fist, outcast and birds of prey to read.

Birds of prey needs to get better if it is to survive past this second arc.


Action Comics #971 - Another fun action oriented, Lex centered issue. Curious what they have planned for the other Clark Kent. Hoping they deal with it quickly.

Dark Knight III #7 Collector’s Edition - This issue is back on track and was a fun read. It really had some great moments between Superman and Batman especially when Batman reawakened from the Lazarus Pit. I continue to be more and more disappointed in Lara’s choices but loved the cliffhanger ending. The backup with Green Lantern reacquiring his hand was pretty great too. I’m looking forward to seeing how they wrap this story up in the next couple of issues.


Wonder Woman #14 completes her origin and saves the world in the bargain. Also a pretty good sketch of what the film might cover differently. Nicola’s art is just spectacular. Every time I start to catch up to what she’s doing, she has already taken another major step. Required reading, if interested in what DC is up to!


Forgot about this. Is it Tom Taylor? :open_mouth:






JL vs Powah Rangers

I like it. It’s not too grim (it’s grim) and not too silly (it’s silly). I’m not sure I like the characterization of Batman (but hey, it’s still Batman) as much as I’d like (I like to like Batman).

All in all, as I said; I like it.


WW 14 was all that and a dirty confession within the magic lasso. Well, more innocent than that, but wonderful! Batwoman Begins in Detective is red-hot, though I wish DC would abandon that awful “Night of the Monster Men.” It’s run its gawdy course. Action, really, really good. The predicament thickens, as does the awkwardness of this Supes and Lex. Moonshine # 4…just wow. Unbelievable. Sonja # 1 in NY, better than I expected, though merely an update of the Conan “What If?” single shots.


Lex is my favorite part of Action right now. After they finish the crossover between to the two Superman books, I almost hope they make him the lead of the book.


I thought Lex was going to solo his way through Action at first, but I love what Jurgens has been doing with it and you have to figure Super Lex will get his own book soon. Super Sons? Oy. Super Lex would do well, I’d think.


I’m really looking forward to that book. :wink:

While I like both books, Superman is by far my favorite of the two books being published right now.


New Super-Man #7 - this title is a lot of fun with various conspiracies going on all around.

One of the interesting parts of the book is that Kong Kenan as the Chinese Superman is not very bright. Intelligence is usually ascribed to any character with the Superman mantle and also a bit of a cliche for East Asian characters is general.

It leads to a funny exchange where Lex Luthor arrives to hand out some awards and approaches him: