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New Comics Thread - 10th June


Okay it is new comics day again and I am here with a couple of thread cliches.

  1. Pics of new comics stolen from the Facebook account from my old LCS:

  1. A big image of the latest Millar book:

Please read and review and discuss and all that gubbins right here. If you want to discuss any major plot points then please hide them behind spoiler text as not everyone reads their comics at the same time. Have at thee!


I;m all over that Batman and have already read and loved Harrow County, which I recommend.



I should have Chrononauts #4 waiting in my pull box and will be picking up Saga #29 digitally. I think I’m going to do the month price drop wait on Batman starting with #41.


I flipped through 2 new DC comics today, Constantine and the Ennis book, and both times I got to the Twix ad and said “eh, nevermind.”


But did you buy a Twix?


I bought two.


I am 100% not even joking when I say this…



You know that’s what they’re meant to look like, right?



Does Gordon in the new continuity know Barbara is Batgirl?


Nice to have Catwoman back again. Still one of my favourite DC books.

Inferno continues to be my favourite of the Secret Wars tie-ins. Never-sent-to-the-future Nathan is great.


I started typing up a big post on Sunday about how my buying habits have changed over the years and that it was time for a change again. The post got too convoluted and difficult to edit without spending another 15 mins on it so I binned it.

Anyway, the conclusion would have led to me deciding to pick up some titles digitally on release so it’ll be good to contribute to this thread again, while I wait on my monthly deliveries to arrive thru the post.

I picked up
Starfire # 1 as the preview was unexpectedly fun,
Weirdworld because it’s written by Jason Aaron and I wasn’t in my previews order and
Starve # 1 from Brian Wood as The Massive was good and I may as well give it a try.

What is Harrow County, has anyone read it? Wary that the chief is maybe pimping one if his buddy’s books lol.


This week’s comics!

Right off the bat, [B]Mighty Avengers #09[/B] takes the crown. Al Ewing delivers some hard feels and frankly, I need there to be a All-New, All-Different follow-up to this team’s concept. It’s great and it’s perfect for Luke Cage.

[B]Batman #41:[/B] Like Action Comics #41 last week, this is another book where we should have not believed the advertising. The [URL=“”]new Batman[/URL] absolutely makes sense in Gotham’s new status quo. Looking forward to seeing if this will stack up to Superior Spider-Man or Grayson Batman.

[B]Captain Marvel/Carol Corps #1:[/B] Fundamentally a book about questioning the limits of your world. Lays down the concept, but I think it needs the #2 before I’ve fully bought into the series.

[B]Earth 2 Society #1:[/B] Power Girl wears the S-symbol, Dick Grayson is [SPOILER]Batman[/SPOILER], and Val-Zod isn’t dead; all is right with the world. Think Battlestar Galactica’s earthbound storyline with superheroes as the survivors of Earth 2 establish their new world. A new [SPOILER]Johnny Sorrow[/SPOILER] debuts here to go with the new Doctor Impossible in the preview.

[B]Ghost Racers #1:[/B] Death Race 2000 + Ghost Rider. There’s a centaur Ghost Rider with gatling guns. Enough said.

[B]Marvel Zombies #1:[/B] Elsa Bloodstone, one of the best at the Shield (Battleworld’s version of GOT’s The Wall), finds herself on the wrong side of the line. Plus, she realizes she had a horrible childhood.

[B]Silk #5:[/B] The heart of J. Jonah Jameson peaks out from behind that thick layer of asshole Slott had slathered over the character.

[B]Spider-Gwen #5:[/B] This is Jem and the Holograms with Spider-Man characters.

[B]Starfire #1:[/B] Clueless alien trope wanders through human society. To those who love the previous iteration, this is still the same character, just tuned to the “blank innocence” side of things. Starfire is still scantily clad and still lost when it comes to human boundaries. Decent start, but I need a few more issues to get to the point of the book beyond what’s shown in this issue. What’s here is cute, but not really the basis for an ongoing.

[B]Ultimate End #2:[/B] With the confusing setup behind him, Bendis gets to the point: Ultimate and 616 characters interacting with each other. [SPOILER]Hawkeye’s flip out and death[/SPOILER] was odd, but the rest is great, especially when [SPOILER]both Starks surmise that certain sections of Battleworld have been rebooted[/SPOILER]. I also like that [SPOILER]both SHIELDs are working together[/SPOILER] with little problem. [URL=“”]Image[/URL]. This isn’t really the end of the Ultimate Universe though, so if that’s what you were looking for, you’ll be disappointed.

[B]Weirdworld #1:[/B] Arkon is trapped and trying to get home. Weirdworld is like throwing Conan and Flash Gordon tropes in a pot, adding a bit extra, and baking it sight unseen. Nice art.


With that bit about Grayson I may have to pick up Earth 2.


Chrononauts #4 - I got a pretty good laugh out of page 3 of this issue (see the least spoilerish panel below). It was a great way to open and send this rollercoaster of an opening volume to it’s satisfying conclusion. The buddy movie vibe really shined through the whole issue with Mark’s words and Sean’s pictures capturing the whole thing perfectly. I hope @CHRONOMURPH gets his DeTomaso Pantera out of this. I’m sure it crushed him to draw the wrecked one in this issue. I already can’t wait for the next volume.

Saga #29 - This was a bit of a brutal issue. We lost another one and maybe two of the main driving characters in this arc. I’m hoping we see Marko and family reunified soon. I’m not holding out a lot of hope because of one of the narrations in a previous issue that said it would be another 3 years (or something like that) until she saw her father. I’m still liking this series but not loving it the way I did when I mainlined the first 24 issues in a matter of days. I’m strongly considering saving up multiple issue and reading them all as a volume. The cliffhangers are good but starting to feel like they’re going for shock as much as impact. BKV and Staples are still hard to beat though.


I feel Saga has lost its novelty factor.

I have up to 29 or 30 ordered, but I’ve stopped liking the characters or caring what happens to them. I do feel its gone downhill for about the last dozen issues. I’m hoping it reads better in trade as The Last Man did.

I’ve probably said this a few times so I don’t want to keep banging on about it. Perhaps the bar was set so high early on I’ve failed to keep my expectations in check.


Nameless continues to be great and horrifying. I didn’t think Morrison could write stuff like this anymore, to be honest. Chris Burnham’s art has been a good thing for him. I didn’t expect he’d be so good at horror, but the cartooniness adds a dimension to the scary and grotesque parts (now, almost all of the story) that you don’t typically see.


I nearly didn’t buy Nameless as to be honest I have grown very wary of Morrison telling the same story with slight variations (e.g. Multiversity - the comic is alive and affecting reality, Annhiliator - the screenplay is alive and affecting reality). It’s why even though it got a pretty flat reaction from everyone else I really liked Happy! because it was trying something new and more refreshing to me.

So I went in with a pretty negative frame of mind but it turned me around and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

I think Burnham has also changed his style somewhat to suit the material, it’s scratchier and a bit uglier than his previous stuff which suits the horror tone.


I do wonder if BKV just simply reads better in trades.


I found that to be the case for Y and Saga.