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New Comics Thread - 10th February


It’s Wednesday and new comics are here. Take a look at some of them:

Which ones did you get? Were they great, good or disappointing? Tell us here. However don’t spoil major plot points for anyone, if you need to discuss them hide them this way:

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Another null week for me. More time to catch up on trades.


Is the new series of Spider-Gwen actually titled “Radioactive Spider-Gwen” or is that just a one-off for that cover?


Radioactive Spider-Gwen.
Spins a web,
Any size,
Spend prolonged periods around her,
And drop like flies.
Look out, here comes Spider-Gwen. :wink:

I’ve not actually read any Spider-Gwen other than the issue of Edge of Spider-Verse. How is it?


I’ve only read the EoSV issue and the first two of the previous volume. It’s ok, seems to skim the surface of the character and world rather than really sink its teeth in. Plus it’s a world where everyone’s a bit of hipster and there are the usual weird alternate reality differences for no discernible reason (Matt Murdock as the Kingpin’s lawyer being the oddest).


This weeks digital buys -

All New X-Men 4

Batman & Robin Eternal 19
(100% buying this out of habit now. Idea is fine, execution is tedius. A 6 issue story dragged I dont know how many)

Dark & Bloody 1
(Vertigo relaunch has been superb, got to try the first issue)

Hip Hop Family Tree 7
(Wife out tonight so when Rudi goes to bed i’ll be reading this and listening to the tracks on youtube/apple music at as i read. Great way to read this)

New Romancer 3

Old Man Logan 2

Spider Gwen 5

The Troop 3

Vampires Will Never Hurt You 1


Are the singles covering the same material as the trades? I have the first two and just got the third a birthday gift. I really like them.


Dark and Bloody was excellent, as was the final issue of Arcadia. Randomly picked up Suicide Squad and Batman, too, and they were both pretty fun.


I think that’s the case Ronnie.

Plus some extras and a commentry at the back, not sure if they are in the trades or not.


I don’t remember the trades having commentary.


Now that’s a shame given how good its predecessor was.


Yeah, standard not as high, really monotonous

I feared it would be a dip in quality when i saw the writing team, but i thought theyd deliver better than this


I liked the first issue of Badger; the story at least, not so much the art. It was serviceable but it won’t be the selling point of the book. Still, it is good to see it back in print.


Vision # 4 from last week…holy shit…

I wonder if Marvel will give this the hardcover treatment…it’s merited.


**Earth 2 Society #9:**Dan Abnett’s second issue, and the improvement in pacing, characterization and world building is obvious. And Jorge Jimenez is killing it on art. He reminds me of a slightly more stylized Oliver Coipel.

Hopefully it’ll survive “Rebirth” now that it’s finally getting good.


I feel Batman was more heartbreaking than fun.




Badger is back? Nice!


I haven’t been following the series so none of that build up paid off for me (not the fault of the work; my own, for not following it). What I saw was a pretty much foregone conclusion (one that has played out a few times in different ways), and a lot of fun alternate Batman storyverses.

It’s a testament to the quality of the piece that I was able to enjoy it, divorced of it’s context, on a completely different level than those who have actually been reading regularly.