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New Comics Thread - 10th August 2016


Here’s a few of them:

Come to this thread to discuss those and any others you may have read and want to sound off about. Don’t spoil major plot points for people who may not have read them yet, hide them using the board spoiler function which hides them:

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I just read Deathstroke Rebirth…I really liked it. I don’t know a lot about the character apart from the Teen Titans, but I enjoyed it. I like that this is setting up a very different sort of family saga.

Also, this seems to be fairly new reader friendly (I am one of them) and isn’t trying to bridge from the old New 52 continuity…or if it was, I didn’t notice.


Definitely trying All-Star Batman #1.

Also, there’s a new issue of Providence out this week, which I’ve been looking forward to.


Rather large week for me. I should have Empress #5 waiting in my pull box and will pick up Action Comics #961, All-Star Batman #1 and Wonder Woman #4 on ComiXology.


But Ronnie, I thought you already had Wonder Woman one? :worried:
Have your middling reviews all been lies? :wink:


Crap. Sorry. Fixed it. I had an early start this morning and it’s catching up to me. :wink:


My local comics shop puts out comics a day early, but you can’t take them home till they’re released. I held a copy of All Star Batman, which I’ve had on my calendar for months. It was barely larger than any other issue and has a $4.99 price tag on it…I like Snyder and Shalvey and I’ve been really looking forward to this, but that’s a trade wait for me.


Apparently it will be out in April 2017…


Really?!? That’s bizarre considering the vast majority of their line is $2.99.


[quote=“craguecook, post:8, topic:7559, full:true”]
It was barely larger than any other issue and has a $4.99 price tag on it…[/quote]
It’s a 40-page book compared to the usual 32-page books.

At DC’s current price of US$2.99 for its regular Rebirth issues, it’s a little more expensive. Compared to Marvel’s US$3.99 regular-length books, it’s the same in terms of cost-per-page.

But if all of the extra eight pages are story pages (I don’t know if they are as I haven’t read it yet), then it would actually be better value, as Marvel’s and DC’s 32-page books typically contain only 20 story pages - so you’d be getting almost twice as many here for a dollar or two more.


I’m in exactly the same boat. It’s a real shame as the preview pages looked pretty good. I’ll make a point of buying the trade from my local comic shop rather than online though as I’d been talking excitedly about this with the guys there but told them I was skipping on it only because of the $5 price.


Every issue of All Star is $4.99, not just the first one. That’s a big pass for me. Although I’ll look into the trade.

The book looks amazing though.

Edit- Aren’t we a lot of cheap bastards?


Comixology has it at 37 pages but they can be a bit misleading, the way the present double page spreads means they count them as one page.

If it is $5 for 40 story pages then that it better value per page than $3 for 20 but it is a lot to splash out and it looks like an area DC are hedging their bets over pricing.


[quote=“RobertB, post:13, topic:7559, full:true”]
Every issue of All Star is $4.99, not just the first one. That’s a big pass for me. [/quote]


I can see where that accusation would come from! :smile: Though now I think about it back in the day I spunked a lot of money up against the wall on mediocre books. I’d like to think I’m just a bit more canny and careful with my purchases nowadays.


I need to be more canny…

Comixology this week, going to try read a few tonight and put up comments.

Civil War II Thr Accused 2

Action Comics 961

All of This Will Crumble
(Bought based on cover and Comixology description "A lone man hikes up a mountain in order to witness a strange monster bringing about the end of the world"
I hope it is as good as that sounds)

All New XMen 12
(The Apocolypse crossover was really boring and dragged out, if this issue does not mark an immediate upturn I’m finished with the book)

All Star Batman 1

Amazing Spider-Man 16

Black Panther 4

The Black Monday Murders 1
(I’ll try this and see whether I want to pick up the trade - Hickman’s new work seems to be very under the radar just now)

Deathstroke Rebirth 1

Detective Comics 938

The Flash 4

The Flintstones 2

Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps 2

New Superman 2

Old Man Logan 10

Prometheus Life and Death 3

Red Hood & the Outlaws 1
(I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed the rebirth issue of this)

Superwoman 1

Vision 10

Wonder Woman 4

The XFiles Origins 1

The DC stuff the week is mostly awesome…or at least has the potential to be


Hated Superwoman 1.

DC is seriously dissapointing me.

Marvel on the other hand: Brilliant Old Man Logan and Vision.


Have you tried either of the two Superman books or Justice League? I’m finding them pretty fantastic.


Or Detective Comics which is all kinds of fun!


May I quietly mention that apparently our Declan Shalvey has become engaged?


Detective Comics #938 - I’ve run out of things to say about this book. It’s just awesome. Great characters, gorgeous artwork, brilliant writing. My favourite ongoing. By far. Stuff escalates this issue, as another 90’s character makes his return, and the Bat-team make things look easy. Too easy?

For me Superwoman #1 was much better than I expected it to be. Spur of the moment purchase, based primarily on how much I enjoyed Jiminez’ work on WW back in the day. I’ve got little prior affinity for any of the characters in this book, but I quickly got caught up in what was going on, and definitely plan on picking up the next issue.

And, from last week …

Superman #4 - I should really love this book. Tomasi, Gleason, my Lois & Clark, I’ve even got a little boy Jon’s age. It’s got all the ingredients of a book I should absolutely adore. But I don’t. I’ll stick around for the rest of this arc, but I think I’m gone after that. That being said there were a couple of cool moments in this issue; no. 1 being Hacken from Gotham!

Suicide Squad: Rebirth - I liked this a lot. I don’t know Rob Williams at all, but he wrote a great one shot here (his 2000AD background serves him well). Tan’s artwork was scratchy and inconsistent panel to panel, but it’s similar enough to Jim Lee’s not to feel jarring. I do think the colouring helps with that a lot. Looking forward to the next few issues to see how this shapes up.