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New Comics for 28 December!


New comics are out today. Here is where we discuss them. Use spoiler tags for spoilers.


Balls-tar Batman #5

JrJr truly is bringing his A-game. I won’t spoil the whole half-page, but this is just great


Dang it! Google and Comixology are having a little contest to see who crashes most. Guess that’s what happens when issue #13 of Wonder Woman is drawn by somebody else and reads all weird.


Ok, Let´s see.

Mother Panic.
Wonder Woman.
All Star Batman.
James Bond.
And the best version of Black Widow, ever.

All in all, pretty good comic book day. We deserve it fdor having such a rotten week.

2016, I´ll see you in hell.

PD: I almost forgot Snotgirl. Wonderfull so far…


congratulations to all the art contest winners


comic book history of comics


Suicide Squad #1-8 - the Jim Lee illustrated main story was good, if a little rushed. I would have hated to read this in individual instalments though. Other than some nice art, the backup stories were pretty much all inconsequential. I don’t think I’m going to be getting anymore.

All Star Batman #1-5 - I re-read the first four issues before this week’s issue. I struggled with this series in singles, but it worked a lot better read in succession. Plot threads that were difficult to follow issue by issue suddenly made sense. Romita’s artwork was awesome. I even enjoyed that backup. Snyder’s adopted a totally different style of writing than his prior work on Detective Comics or Batman. It took me a few issues to get the new rhythm, but now I’ve got it, I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. If you dropped off the book earlier, I’d recommend giving the rest of the arc a bash.


A little late with these but here goes.

Action Comics #970 - As I’ve said before, I think this book has been its best following Rebirth when it’s focusing on Lex Luthor. This is another one of those issues. Good stuff.

AD: After Death Book Two - The mix of comic and illustrated story in this book is still very interesting. The multiple flashbacks are still a bit confusing but hopefully they coelesce into something more evident in the final issue which I’m very much looking forward to. The closest experience I can relate to this comic is the film The Fountain. Both works provoke thought and meditation on the nature of death and life.


This book wasn’t really on my radar before, but this comment has made me want to read it.