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New Comics for 21 December!


Not sure if everyone heard but new comics come out today. This is the place you discuss them and put spoilers in spoiler text.


Well, in that case:



There’s a new Klaus special that comes out today that I’ll be picking up. Other than that, nothing I think.


I like your work a lot, but Cordeila Swift just wasn’t for me. I still think you’re great at what you do. Keep it up!


Star Lord was a real winner for me this week. Has certainly got me interested in issue two; which I assume was the intended response.


Justice League #11, Superman #13 and Trinity #4 for me today.


How is Trinity? I’ve been wanting to pick it up.


I’ve been enjoying it. So far it’s been about Batman and Wonder Woman’s interaction with the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and his family. This first story is a fairly strong tribute to For the Man Who Has Everything [don’t click unless you want to know]. I’ve also enjoyed that Francis Manapul is tag teaming with Clay Mann for art. So it’s been a pretty solid book.


Sounds good!


Not to worry, Sir.
Swift isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I appreciate you checking it out.


Doctor Aphra #2 was another solid Kieran Gillen entry into the new Star Wars canon. I was worried the “Dark” smuggler/Wookiee/droids group would wear thin outside of Vader book, but it looks like that won’t happen. This issue appears to be setting a mission for the book in keeping with Aphra’s archaeological roots, looking into the past of the galaxy. First stop is a spoiler, but I like where we look to be going.

The final issue of I Am Suicide, Tom King’s best Batman arc to date, was fantastic. Not as great as the previous chapter, but another great story interestingly told.

I zoned out reading Superman, but I still think I liked it?

Trinity is quickly turning into the Brubaker-era Captain America of Rebirth: Solid, fun comics. Love it.

Justice League is middling, okay comics. Neat ideas, mediocre execution. It needs more depth.

I really enjoyed the first issue of Justice League/Suicide Squad. Great explanation of where both teams stand in the current DCU, especially for folks who aren’t following SS, like me. Great villain lineup, too. More, please.


Superman Annual #1 was fun, albeit bizarrely felt quite short & inconsequential for a double sized annual. Jiminez’ artwork was superb as usual. Thematically, given the outcome of this story, it will be really disappointing if the upcoming “Reborn” crossover further messes with the character’s continuity.

It was interesting contrasting this to the pre- Rebirth Wein/ Kelley Jones’ Swamp Thing mini that I had just finished reading earlier in the week. I don’t see how they can be the same character.

Superman #12 & 13 - I really enjoyed this two parter. Mahnke’s artwork is always great to see, although the inconsistency of inking was a little annoying. Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE was one of my favourite New52 books (at least the Lemire run), so his guest appearance here was a lot of fun. Really bittersweet ending too.


On my way to the shop in a couple hours. Klaus special? A tack-on to the miniseries or a TPB?


It’s a new one shot.


Sweet, thank you, then it’ll be in my pull box already. That miniseries was fantastic.


Justice League #11 - This was a fun issue with a great fight. It was a bit odd that Superman was missing. There was an odd aside reason for it given. I hope it’s a bit of Chekhov’s gun and we see more out of it. I’m off this book for a bit while it does the crossover with Suicide Squad. I’ll be back when Hitch resumes.

Superman #13 - Another great issue. I like how they played with the shots and angles in this issue. I know I complained early on about the needless constant use of double page spreads but I really think they are starting to use them in new and interesting ways while only slightly dampening the digital experience. I am so loving this book.

Trinity #4 - So much fun. I love this Black Mercy induced story. The cliffhanger at the end of this issue should make for some fun comics ahead.


Klaus: The Witch of Winter

Very enjoyable read! I say that as a fan of the original series. I liked it, the contemporary setting was good enough, and the rune-magic powering Klaus was a nice touch. :slight_smile:


Got caught up with the latest two issues of Batman.

I am suicide turned out to be a much greater and well-written arc than I had imagined. Very much so. The letter framing the former of these two issues was just superb. I really like that. It made the otherwise violent imagery so much more… I don’t know, it put things into another context.

I really wished the letter would have dived deeper into the more psychotic parts of batman, but seeing as it’s written in character as said psychotic I guess it serves its purpose just as well. “Look at me, I’m a sad child, not a deranged psychotic! I promise!”

add: On the latter issue I will only say this: “It’s impossible!” - “No, it’s Batman.”


I have mine and will read it over the weekend. I just like how Morrison took a basic Rankin Bass production and went all Dragon’s Lair over it. Sooooo good.


I will be reading the last part this weekend. I love the prior issue for the reasons you mentioned (framing was excellent) and Bats’ internal monologue. This arc was NOTHING what I expected from it. Very good.