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New comic project in production - Looking for a letterer for my comic


Hello all,

I am brand new to the Millarworld community and hope I am using this forum properly. But right now I am in search for a professional letterer for my comic that is currently in production. I have a good team in place right now but finding letterers online has been difficult for me.

This is a paid gig and aiming to be on going. I am hoping to find someone through this but also thought this would be a good spot for letterers to post their contact for others to find them and collaborate with.

It would be great if you could post some of your work or a link to your work, along with a contact so I can get in touch or another collaborator can as well.

Appreciate it,



Looks just fine, Joe! In Creative Central, clear title, straightforward.

You get a :star:!


I’m brand new so just wanted to make sure.

Appreciate it Miqque.


Hey Joe,

Teach yourself, buddy.
One of the best things to learn. As a writer it gives you one last chance to do a rewrite of the dialogue…which in my opinion is crucial because when you get the art back you may need to:
Tweak it to Mach the style better.
Make it fit better to not cover all that lovely art

I cannot recommend this book enough…

Plus there are some fantastic videos on you tube too.



Jim Campbell’s blog also has some good advice on lettering too.


Hey Jgarman.

I have immediate availability to work on your project. Here’s my portfolio if you’re interested on seeing samples across two short stories and three book-length graphic novels that I have worked on as letterer over the past two years.

While my work is mostly standard lettering, I’m definitely interested on developing a more richer and unique style for your project, so please don’t hesitate to ask for an audition page if necessary. My contact email is on my website as well.

Best regards,


Hi Joe,

I have made my way to the comic book business trough a UK comic publisher. So far, my portfolio as letterer counts almost exclusively on the 18 books I lettered for them, but I’m eager to enlarge my portfolio and improve my skills as letterer. Recently I lettered a 32 page book for an American writer, still to be printed, but here are the first 7 pages:

and here are the links to access my galleries for some samples:

Thank you for your time. If you are interested please e-mail me to:

Best regards,

Fernandina Fernando