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Hi everyone!

I’m a member of the old forum (been away for a long time) I wanted to share with everyone my comic book which is about to launch its Kickstarter campaign.

This is especially relevant to this forum as Feng Shi was born here in the Millarworld creative forum over 4 years ago, so I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to you all.
Back then it was known as Reaper and at the time I had NO creative writing skill and it was only through the assistance of fellow members that I eventually gained the tools needed to make this possible. It was also here I connected with artist Wilson Dela Feunte an artist of huge talent. Hopefully this encourages you all to continue in your endeavours!

If you want to check out the website here it is:

If anyone here runs a podcast or news blog I’d love to share with you a media pack and issue 1 Ashcan preview.

Also check out the Facebook:

If anyone is in contact with Mark Millar I would love to thank him personally for this forum.

Thanks again everyone!



Mark’s here on weekdays, usually, Ian.

Welcome back!

We evoke names now, like this:

@Mark_Millar! Ian wants to thank you in the above post!

There ya go!