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New comic artist looking for a project


Hi everyone

It’s my first post here.
I never worked with a writer, but I made some submissions, so the process of following a script is familiar to me. I hope the short stories below can make some sense of my work, but keep in mind that I’m beginning in this language, so constructive criticism is always welcome. I’m a professional illustrator, so I,ve already worked remotely, following deadlines.
All these shorts and more concept design, charachters, weaponry, vehicles, are in my Behance

Thanks for your attention folks!


This is really great, actually! Did you letter it as well? And are you looking for paid work only or open to collaboration?


Hi andre3. Currently I’m just open for paid work, but feel free to send me a message and maybe we can make a deal. As I said, I’m a beginner, so for first works I can work for an affordable page rate, really.


Hi Vinicius. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position where I can pay you right now. Not even a little, I’m afraid. But I’ll be keeping an eye on your great work and will let you know if/when my situation changes.


No worries andre3m, and I’m glad you liked my work. Do you have any place where you put your ideas?


Ok André, eu achei o seu Tumblr, e o seu Behance.


@Vinicius.C impressive work. Are you still looking for a project? It will be work for hire unless you are open for collaboration?


Hi James, nice you liked my work.
Did you see my new short with rebgardner at Behance?

This project is kind of a collaboration, so I need to do some pages for hire to balance my finances. But I’m not Jim Lee, we can reach an affordable deal if you want.