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Hi Guys,

Well, I’m planing to get back to the comic book market, so for that, I will need to produce new sample pages.

I love Hellboy Characters and I’m about to try a new style of art, using lots of brush strokes and dark shadows.

This cover was done with pen and Ink brush, in 11x17 inch size.

I did this cover from Hellboy, and I would like to know if is there any writer that would like to write for me a short Fan Fic story, with only 4 pages, so I could make a Hellboy sample page?

I would like to draw in the Story:

  • A Swamp hunted house

  • A sinister woman( Maybe a ghost?)

  • A SteamPunk Robot

  • Maybe a creep old monster too

  • Hellboy and Abbie Sapien.

Please go nuts on that, you can also write the dialogues too. let´s have some fun.


That’s a gorgeous drawing, Rod. Mignola is one of my favorite artists, and your drawing does justice to his greatest creation. Hope you show us the results of your sample pages when they’re done.


Hey njerry, thanks for the words.

And yeah, I’m planing to post here every step, layouts, pencils and inks. :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I would like to post here a cover, from a short 8 pages Horror story named, REALM OF THE NIGHT FEEDERS, that I have being working with Steven Long.

Go for @loathsomeentertainment Instagram account, to check it out more about it.

You can see some of video process of a page from that story, in this link -

Let me know what you guys think.




Hey Guys, what´s up?

I have producing so many comic book pages lately, that I can´t badly bread and this is why I have being out of this great forum for a while.

Just finish the art of one Horror Short Story, wrote by Steven Long.

I also, finish my Blog, where I will upload some of my own stories but, unfortunately I didn’t had time to do the English version.

I really want to show that to you guys.

Meanwhile you guys can check some behind the scenes pages productions on my Instagram Account - @gafanhotosdemarte

And, I’m also producing a Hellboy FanFic Short Story with my new friend from here, Patrick J. Clarke and we hope to be able to show to Dark Horse as soon as we finish the pages.

So Here it is, some preview of what I have being producing:

Realm Of The Night Feeders Preview:

Story - Steven Long
Art - Rod Luper

Time, Time…My old friend…

Story and Art - Rod Luper

Hellboy Fan Fic

Story - Patrick j. Clarke
Art - Rod Luper

I hope you guys and girls, digg it.

Now get back to the Drawboard.




Hi there,

First Comic Book Short Story from the Seal "Locust of Mars"
Yeahhh, is finally here, the English version of my first comic book short story.
A special thanks to my new English reviewer, Steven Long. @loathsomeentertainment

You can read the whole story for free in my new blog on the link under.

Let me know what you guys think.:slight_smile:

Blog -

And remmember to follow me on Instagram to see exclusive, behind the scenes art.

Instagram - @gafanhotosdemarte


Lookin’ good, Rod!


Hey thanks man!!!


Hey all,

Pretty soon I will have a new update on my blog.

With a new short story, so stay tune.

Meanwhile, keep checking in some behind the scenes in my Instagram account -

And here it is one page from one of those short stories that I have being working on. More to come soon.

See you soon.




This is some Characters Concept Study for a new short horror story that I producing from the @loathsomeentertainment

I really love these short stories and this one will be awesome.

More to come soon.


the diver is GREAT!!!


Hey thanks @cesare2016

I’m now producing a new “short” story for the blog and I hope to be able upload it there, in a month or two.

Here is a one-page preview of this Story.
If you want, you can see some of behind the scene pages production on my Instagram - @rod.luper


Hi There,

Is been a while that I don’t publish anything new here but, is because I’m having a lot of work lately.
This is good, because I’m leaving of art and making money but, it doesn’t leave so much free time for me to do my own projects.
I wish I could have 48 hours in my day.

Above all that, I’m kind thinking in to change my art style a little bit, after 20 years working with the illustration business, I think may be necessary to change somethings in my art, to refresh, and be ready for the next 20 years.

I recently upload in my Instagram account some new sketches, taking a different direction in my art. Letting the lines a little bit lose.

Let me know what you guys think.

I will try a little more of those sketchings and who knows an entire comic book page in that Style.




Hi Guys,

Hello everyone,

Finally I have been able to post another comic in the blog. This comic was inspired by a report I saw on TV, that showed a Grandmother who went every day to"Cracolândia" in search of her grandson.
This grandmother was going to take food, clothes for her grandson, but she never found him. The boy’s mother was already devastated and had a psychological condition that would not allow her to go to "Cracolândia"to help her son.
I think about this mother’s pain, and how much she should love the child even if she cannot help him in this terrible situation.
I wondered how much too much love affects people?
Or how much the loss of a great LOVE, can radically change the direction of our lives?

If you enjoyed it, please tag a friend too.

I hope you enjoy and like it or if not, leave comments in the post and For more behind the scenes on the production of this comic, please follow me on Instagram. - @rod.luper -

You can also read more short stories for free in my blog -

Good reading.

Thank you,

Rod Luper


Hey Guys, What´s up?

Where is the feedback for my last short story?

Camom people, help me out here.
I really want to hear what do you guys think.

Well, between the produce of some comic book pages for independent publishers in USA, advertising work and storyboard production for a new animation series, I found some free time to do some random sketches.

In fact, I’m preparing myself for a new short story from my buddy, Steve Long, and will be about a Death Knight King.

So, I had to make some sketch from that, before to jump on the pages production.

Take a look at that and let´s share some thoughts on that, and other things too.:slight_smile:

Ah, and you can see some video process form that sketches and more in my Instagram - @rod.luper