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Great stuff, and loving the WIP stuff. Looking forward to seeing Split Face inked and coloured.


Hey Skyward - Thanks. And I will upload here the finished pages from Split Face as soon as I have it.


Rod, awesome work. Your sequential pacing is fantastic. Seriously, you really know what part of the page/story to highlight for our attention even as we’re observing. Keep up the work and fantastic talent.


Hi I_Wumbo_You_Wumbo,

Thanks for the kindly words.

Here a little more of the pages productions.


Hi Guys,

A few more WIP pages, from my last work in comic book.

Let me know what you guys think!!




Hi There,

Here it is a new art that I did using Brush Pen, mechanical Pencil 2.0mm and Brushes.

Size 11x17 inch

“The Giants Hunter Girl.”

I’m building up a new universe and I will publishing in my new Instagram account, some of these new characters and stories.

Let me know what you guys think.




Excellent! :smiley:


Looks good and I’m liking the textures! Man, that skull dude had one unfortunate overbite!


EllBalson - Thanks!!!

Miqque - Thanks brow. And I totally agree with you regards the Skull overbite!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, some of my last pages on SPLITFACE Comic Book.

Everybody likes a good Robot Fight, right?


Hey Guys,

A little Pin-up from Hit Girl that I did, just for fun.

Regular comic book paper size. 11x17 inch.

The art is for SALE, interested just PM me.

Follow me on instagram too:


I also opened to commissions.


man this is really nice


Hey Thank you Gavin!!!


Hi There,

Well, I love the CyberPunk and Wastlands universe and from get a break from my work, I tried to create a Cyberpunk Batman version.

I will also give the original away, to promote my new Instagram Account.

So if you would like to win this original, just follow the instruction bellow, and good luck.

Pencil on Paper size 11X17 inch.

And Here is the deal.

To win this original piece.

1 - Follow me.

2 - Comment on this post and mark one friend.

In 72 hours I will choose someone to get this bad boy to home.

Free shipment any part of the world.


Love this Cyberpunk Batman. You should have him go against the Batman from Gotham by Gaslight.


Hey MAL,

Your idea is great, I really should make an illustration with both Batman.

By the way, the Gaslight Batman is my preferred one.


I’d love for DC animation to do a Gotham By Gaslight animated film.


How about just more Gotham By Gaslight?

I thought that’s where they got the coat from for BvS!


You Guys inspire me to do a Watercolor Pin-up from Batman Gaslight. How come I forgot my preferred comic from all time???

I will do it and will share it here and in my new Instagram account - @aquainkstudio