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Todd - Hey man, is great to know that. :slightly_smiling:

TDMello - Hey thank you!! I love to work with textures when I’m drawing.

Ellbalson - Thanks, I also like to do some ink from times to times.

Senorbillpoore - Hey Thanks and yeah, I work with art for more than 15 years, I have a few experience…:slight_smile: But, lots of things to learn yet.


One more page finished!! :slightly_smiling:

And remember if you guys would like to see more of my FineArt paints you guys can check my Instagram account - @rod_luper


Wow…that’s great work, especially the sequential work…very dynamic and full of life.

If I was to critique anything it would be the gauche work. Your pencils are VERY strong, and I don’t feel the painted work is quite as strong. It’s a minor critique, and it’s really because the sequentials you’ve shown are SO STRONG!

You should totally check out “The Draw Off” thread if you have the time and like Star Wars. :slight_smile:


Hi Patrick

Thanks for the words, and I totally agree with you, this is why I stop to make painted covers for a while. I need to practice more.

I love Star Wars, who doesn’t? And I will definitely, check the thread, thanks for the tip.


Hey Guys,

More pages from BLACK TIGER-DUAL DRAGONS comic book, that I had being working on.


Love the toppling panels in the first page. Nice way to reinforce the movement and storytelling.


Hey thanks man, and that was idea in the toppling panels. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Some old pages from the comic book that I have being working on. BLACK TIGER-DUAL DRAGONS

I really like this sequence.


Nice mix of camera angles there.


Hey thanks Bruce!!


Some times I feel that I don’t have enough space on a comic book paper, to put in all thing that I want.


Fantastic work, Rod!


Hey Rod. All great stuff. Real sense of moment in your action panels.



Todd and Menichols, thanks guys, I really appreciate your words.


Hey Rod . Great work . Very impressive.


THIS…THIS IS WHY I want your talents to help bring “The Younglings” to life. :smiley:

Awesome, awesome stuff, man!


Hey guys,

Kevin - Thanks man!!!

Patrickjclarke - Hahahahha, thanks man, I really would love to do your Star Wars plot but, for now is impossible for me because of the works that I have being doing. :frowning:

But your words always make my day.


Time to clean the pencils.:slight_smile:


Those folks really don’t look all that happy…



Hey Miqque,

And you are right!!! :smile: