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I just subscribed, and watched one of your “doodles.” Nice work and a good resource! I look forward to you posting the video of the full painting.


Hi Rod. Some great work here mate. Just out of curiosity most artists have a favourite genre when they are creating. I’m curious to know what yours might be and what influences you?


Hi Bruce

Thanks for Subscribed in my channel, very soon I will upload a new wip video there, stay tune.


Hey Cagesafe,

Thanks for subscribed in my channel also, I love to make some
sketches from time to time, but now I’m really focus in painting and I"m
recording a big video showing may painting process, I hope you like it.


Hey Markabnett,

Thanks for the words.

Well I always loved to paint, and now I finally having free time to invest in Fine Art.
But also like to create worlds, this is why I leave comic book for a while and start to work only with Concept Art for 6 years.
Now I want to use all my experience in comic book, illustration and concept art and put it on my Painted canvas.

I hope to have something new to show very soon.


Meanwhile I’m producing my art fine series of paint, I’m working on two comic books.

Here are more pages of one of these projects named SplitFace.


There is absolutely no way any adhesive bandage made in this universe would continue to adhere given those circumstances. Since you have failed at the physics of an obscure medical detail, it is vital that everyone ignore the sheer bulk of good work and focus on an inanity. It’s true. You have ruined faith in humanity for every single viewer by misconceiving the half-life of a Band-Aid.


Hahahaha, is for real? Is just a comic book page, nothing more. I was just following the writer direction. :slight_smile:


Working in another page right now, from a different project named Black Tiger!!


Don’t worry. Miqque’s sense of humor takes time to grow accustomed to but he means well… I think.


Hey Bruce,

I got what he means, and it was funny.:slight_smile:

I think the same way about Superman, really that no one recognize him just because he uses eye glasses? :slightly_smiling:


Hahaha. I wonder if they’ve ever tried to explain that away in the books.


The best one is probably that it’s not just glasses but an entire act that goes with it.


I don’t think so Bruce, is the kind of thing that you need to leave that way and no explanations.

With theses characters that were created before the 50s, you need to keep your child innocence with you when you read comic book like Superman, Batman or spider-man, otherwise would be impossible for adult, to read it.

This is why I prefer comics like Hellboy, because he is a demon 100% of time and that´s it.


Great work! I really love the moments where you have these super tight inked lines, and then you introduce some limited color, or more gestural brush work. Really creates a very interesting contrast. I think you do a great job of storytelling through your character designs. There’s a lot you’re telling us about their origins through your choices, that make me want to know more. I’d read a story about any one of those, if that was a cover image. The Cyber Witch is especially interesting…I just want to turn that page and find out all about her.


Hey thanks cmyk, I really appreciate your kindly words.:slight_smile:


Seeing your raw pencils (which look gorgeous!) makes me think of Nicola Scott’s recent work in the new series Black Magick. I love true pencil art with shading instead of inking.

If you haven’t seen the book, definitely check it out.


Hey Todd,

I just checked his work and is so great. I didn’t knew his work and is soo cool, thanks for give me that tip.

I love the work of Sean gordon Murphy and Lewis LaRosa, great inspiration for me when I do pencil comic book works.


Nicola Scott got her start posting here at Millarworld so you are in good company!


Love this, some really great pencils here and the variations in textures are superbly done.


This stuff’s great! I particularly like the ink work!


you’re a pro. great stuff