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Hi Everyone,

My name is Rod Luper and I’m a professional artist for more than 15 years.

I worked for the whole world doing comic books, concept art, book illustation and now Fine Art.

I always love the comic book market and recently I start to do some sketches using only ink and brush, and I would love to hear what you guys think.

If you wnat to see a little more of my work, please follow the links under.

Instagram - @rod_luper

Facebook -




Welcome to Millarworld, Rod!!!

Those are some great sketches. I really like the detail work.

Do you have any sequential art pages that you can share?


Great stuff!


Great stuff Rod! Guess it helps I’m super into pen and ink right now. The werewolf rocks!


ToddAmbassador -

Hey Thanks, I very much appreciate your words.
And yes I do have a few comic book pages and I will show you here, after those answers.




Thanks Man. Pen and Brushes rocks, I want to practice to leave even more loose the line of the brush.

Well, down under I will show you a comic book pages from a project that I have being working for a long time.

The name of the series is Black Tiger - Dual Dragons, created by John Hervey.

You can find the other books here -

Let me know what you guys think.




Rod, those are some truly fantastic pages! There is a clear flow of the story and art feels truly dynamic. I like the detail you put into each page and the facial expressions convey the character’s emotions. Great job!


Hey Todd,

Your comment made my day. Thanks bro.:slight_smile:

I will share more pages in the near future.

I have more works in my Instagram too - @rod_luper




I’ve got to agree with @Todd about the sequential pages. There’s some great energy in them.

Also,I love the 'tasche on the guy in page 10!!!


Hey Thanks Bruce!!

I’m also a fun of this guy and his mustache…haha.


Hey Guys,

Here is two pages from a different comic book project named Split Face that I’m also drawing.

Let me know what you guys think.




I really like that. You conveyed the speed and movement of the cars which is not always done well.

Great job!


You do a heck of a dragon! I have a buddy who specializes in dragons (art and on skin in ink). I think he’d be impressed.

Liking the sequentials, Always like seeing the impact of a blow without a big WHAP! effect.


That´s a really cool stuff, love the level of detail… Great!


TODD - Hey Thanks man!!

Miqque - Thansk man, I would love to draw more dragons, will be awesome to draw a entire comic book with the Dragon Theme. :smile:

Ismael - Hey thankd man, I wish I could have more time to put more and more details, I just love it.



Please let me know what you guys think about those painted fan Art.

All them are made in a 11X17 inch watercolor paper 300gr, using watercolor, gouache and pencil color.

You can find some pics from the paint process on my Facebook

Let me know what you guys think.




@rodluperart - love it! I love seeing fully painted artwork done well (just read Judge Dredd Dark Justice today which has fully painted Greg Staples artwork throughout).


Awesome work! Just headed to your Facebook page. Great to see the photos showing the process, from pencil sketches to fully completed pieces.


Wow. That’s what I imagine my Teddy Ruxpin is up to now.


Hi Cagesafe,

Thanks for the words. I’m now painting full canvas using acrylics, and I’m planing to make a video showing my process of work.

Stay tune on may Youtube Channel, for the next update, maybe you would like of that too.

My channel -


I’ve subscribed to your channel Rob. I’m a sucker for work in progress type videos and seeing how pieces are put together.