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Never believe what the critics say...


…about me!


yeah Matt! Congrats!

I’d say spam your instagram at the MCM. Wish I qas going myself.


Cheers, I’ll be tweeting like crazy, because it’s my first con too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very cool.


I’m a lily boy, I know


Lucky even


Make it rain Matt. Make it rain.

Comics of course!

Joke aside, one advice: take some time to walk around and meet fellow artists.


Good for you!


Very cool, Matt, congrats!


Already planned to meet loads, I’m mates with a few on Twitter.
So planning to say HI!


Cheers buddy


Cheers kiddie :blush:


Nice one! That is great! Love the cover for Transfer – very cool.

Sell ALL the comics, Matt but, most of all, hope you have a lot of fun at the con.


Remember Matt, that greed is good. Greed works. Greed in all it’s forms…Actually no, that’s terrible advice. Don’t listen to that.

What was I going to say to you?

I dunno. Good luck maybe. I hope it goes well. I am glad to see your books getting the recognition they deserve.


That’s a great spotlight, Matt. Don’t forget us when you become rich and famous!!


Congrats Pal!


That’s a really good write up there Matt. Did it cost a lot to convince them to do such a glowing report? :wink:


Thanking you!
Well, that amazing cover is all down to our amazing @dizevez!
and i can promise you will do everything i can to sell every single dam issues i have!
Need to recoup the outlay! :smiley:

phew…because i’m not a greedy person, but i WANT IT ALL.
Thanks for the compliments too and the support, mate.
It really does mean a lot![quote=“njerry, post:15, topic:6197, full:true”]
That’s a great spotlight, Matt. Don’t forget us when you become rich and famous!!

Hi, im Matt.
Nice to meet you.

Thanks Buddy! :smiley:

I may have traded you in for the press, sorry, fella.
You have a new owner now…



@Bruce isn’t a droid!

Droids were useful…