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Netflix Announces New Comic Book Series PRODIGY from Millar and Rafael Albuquerque


Netflix and Millarworld have announced Prodigy , the second comic book franchise from Mark Millar since the comic book creator joined Netflix. Prodigy will be illustrated by Brazilian artist Rafael Albuquerque (Batman, American Vampire), with whom Millar previously worked on the popular comic book Huck. Prodigy will be available in comic book stores and online on December 5.

In Prodigy , the world’s smartest man isn’t content with running the world’s most successful business. His brilliant mind needs constant challenge and so he’s become the go-to guy for governments around the world when a problem arises they just can’t handle. A Nobel-Prize winning scientist, a genius composer, an Olympic-level athlete and an expert in the occult, Edison Crane is as addicted to the mysteries of the world as he is to sitting at the top of the Fortune 500. These are the tales of the world’s most exceptional man and this story marks his first published adventure.

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The cover image is really small in the article. Here’s a bit higher res version.


I love Rafe’s work!

That Millar fellow seems quite okay as well.

PS - This just hit as IMDb’s lead story and popped to Google News. Fastest I’ve ever seen one of Mark’s projects hit the news stream!

PPS - Them Netflix PR folks are fast and thorough!


This sounds great! I’m in!


Must point out this cover is by millarworld legend @ozguryildirim !


I thought the style looked familiar but didn’t realize it until he posted it on Instagram.

Wow! He was good before but this is incredible.

What a great showing from a Millarworld Annual alum. If I could only say the same for that hack they drug him down with. :wink:


Congrats Mark!


If this doesn’t scream Nemesis crossover at some point in the future you’re all mad.


This looks great. I wonder if these new books are going to be included in the Millarworld Universe.

I love these kinds of characters. I have since Doc Savage. I would love it if this turned out to be the Chief’s version of Doc.


So Mark’s doing the Authorised Biography of Elon Musk then? :wink:

Taking the mick aside, I like the sound of this. It continues the MW brand of Millar working with top-notch artists and the focus on quality over quantity, while going in a different direction.


As long as it does not turn out that Edison is the great-uncle of Mindy who was cloned in an alternate universe and time-traveled back to the future to advise his younger self not to mess around with Mindy’s great-aunt as it would cause ripples in the multiverse and send out shock waves that would cause Dave to be hit in the head in a different spot so he did not become Kick-Ass, did not meet Hit-Girl and Mindy ended up in a institute for juvenile delinquents, much to Nemesis’ delight.

That would be weird.


Totally excited for this! Hopefully I will be a retailer right before it’s time to order this comic.