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Neotheric #1 live on Comixology now.


Just putting this out there for anyone that might be interested…

The new comic I did with artist Dave Mims is up now live on Comixology for just 99 cents. It’s called NEOTHERIC and it’s planned for 4 issues. Each issue will come out about every 4 months. (Dave is a talented guy and has a lot of projects going so we’re doing a “relaxed” schedule with this book.)

NEOTHERIC is about evolved, foul-mouthed, alcoholic dinosaurs escaping their alien slave-masters to return to modern-day Earth and the cosmic ramifications of their actions. It’s meant to be an absurd, offensive, brutal, sci-fi/action-adventure – like an 80’s kids’ cartoon but for adults.

Here is an 8-page preview:!441&authkey=!AJvC7DdSADCUnY8&ithint=file%2Cpdf

And here is the full-color, HD book on Comixology:

Note that this book is for MATURE READERS.

If you read it and have any comments or criticisms, please feel free to send them my way. I would appreciate any feedback that anyone might offer. You can write to me here, visit my website or write to me at

I have a lot of crazy ideas for this series beyond the first 4 issues but that can only happen if people buy into what we are doing.