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Nemesis movie update. Warning: Contains excitement!


Right here: :blush:


Actually we affectionately call them “Roo-Bounds”, metres are Walla-jumps", a foot is a “Bootstomp” and an inch is a"Toadhop".

When I was in primary school and I had the hots for Sheila Williamson (before that bugger Bruce Barmington got to her), our teacher Miss Pitts used to measure us up against the tuck-shop wall and say things like “Caw! Bugger-me-with-a-bricklayer! You’ve grown you little bastard! You’re a six toadhops a coupla bootstomps and a full wallajump! Pretty soon you’ll have the silvery seagulls pooing all over ya! You little bastard”

Good times.


Sorry for the confusion, I was asking where does it stand? I know MPH is “miles per hour”, I was was asking where does the developement for the movie stand? Is it still being made, or has that kind of gone quiet for the time?


Is Nacho Vigalondo still attached to Supercrooks?