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Nemesis movie update. Warning: Contains excitement!


Hey lads and lasses,

Woke up to everything from Yahoo to IGN talking about the Nemesis movie and though the story is a little premature I thought it might be an idea to give you a little update and let you know where we are.

As some of you know, this was a project I wrote six years ago and sold to Tony Scott, who’s deal was at Fox. Scott Free remain producers on the property, Ridley assuming control of the property, but the option expired at Fox around six months ago and we’ve been talking to other studios since. The executive at Fox who bought this has since moved to Warner Brothers and he’s a really good guy, who’s very passionate about the project. They made an offer a few months back and we’re still working out the final details, but co-owner Steve McNiven and I are very happy with the possibility of this at WB and love the enthusiasm they have for the project.

The Tracking Board, as always, totally on the money with this story, but it’s still a little soon for us to really talk about it as final paperwork still to be signed. A proper release will go out if and when everything signed off.

As regards our other projects, Starlight, Superior, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kindergarten Heroes are all still at Fox, the Starlight and Superior screenplays both now done and dusted and looking amazing, directors being sought for both right now. Jupiter’s Legacy is with Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Chrononauts is being written over at Universal, produced by the F7 team. Millarworld’s upcoming new project Huck, released in November, will have some news we can talk about soon, but I’m trying to build bases across the entire studio system for these Millarworld properties and Huck will be somewhere we haven’t been before.

More as it happens.



Good stuff Chief :smile:


Always good to get info straight from yourself as to state of play with Millarworld properties as you know it’s 100% accurate . Can’t wait to see how these all turn out on the big screen. I was watching Lorenzo DiBonaventura talking the other day about Superman Lives and all of a sudden remembered he was doing Jupiters Legacy and blurted it out excitedly to the assembled throng. Then had to try and explain as most hadn’t heard of it before giving up and ordering 5 copies of the trade as gifts so they could do their own research!


5X royalties for me and Quitely!!!



Well deserved I may add. Hopefully you spend it wisely on a well deserved pint!


Sounds like a great time to be a Millarworlder.


Sounds like things are rolling along smoothly!

Question: What happened to the Chief’s patented ALL CAPS thread titles? I can’t help but shake the feeling it’s an impostor without it!


There’s a Tory government now, capital letters are only allowed if you are in the House of Lords.


Even though there is nothing official, it’s good news that Nemesis is close to be a motion picture, your comics deserve to be in movies, of course in comics first


All part of the austerity program, I take it?


Hello all. Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but where does MPH stand? I loved that book a lot, and I believe it deserves a proper adaptation. I know it was being kicked around, and I thought the name attached was Lorenzo DiBonaventura, am I wrong on that? Thanks for the help.


WOW! You weren’t kidding about containing excitement, this is great news! Though I’m glad Starlight will have a film, I’m VERY curious about the comic script title page for Starlight II Mark teased us with a while back. :wink:


For the past week or two I’ve been biting back asking for an update, feeling a great disturbance in the Force.

This is a breath of fresh air. Knowing you just a wee internet bit but for a long time I know that when you are quiet about stuff it is because you are working elsewhere. Balancing all these projects and development Hell and duties at 20th Century and writing titles for comic books - and may I say you are going to more trouble than anyone else I know of to simply write your own comic books? - is noticed.

I somehow think the Big Breakthrough Moment will be announcing the casting of Duke McQueen. There is a power there, in that story. Kick-Ass made its mark, sort of like a single book-end. Perhaps Starlight will provide the other book-end, providing critics and the general audience a better idea of the range covered by MillarWorld projects.


Miqque, just wait till you read Huck.


I should somehow expect an editor’s copy in my mailbox quite soon?


“Miles Per Hour”.


I’m going to have 'fess up and admit the significance of the title MPH did pass me by initially too! :blush:


Even more surprising is that wasn’t his question.

Mr Duche’s query was where does MPH stand in the list of adaptations, not what it stands for. :smile:


Shit. That’s me made a double tit of myself. Where did that embarrassed smilie go now???


It is pretty embarrassing, even Masters got it and they use kilometres over there.