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Need help with an auction scene


What would be a good opening bid for an external hard drive containing anti-superhero countermeasures? Right now, I have it at a million dollars, but I’m worried that might be too low.



Seriously, it depends on what the market will pay. Do the villains in your universe live in satellites and regularly build death rays? Then they’ve certainly got billions of dollars to spend. Do they spend their time robbing banks? Then that’s probably because they don’t have a million dollars lying around (and would probably have to rob more banks to finance the purchase, thus tipping off Batman that something’s afoot…) so a million might even be a bit high to ask, unless there’s someone with a grudge against a hero and willing to go to any length to beat him.

Also, might depend on how useable the information is. If it’s just a list of weaknesses but you’ve got to find your own kryptonite so good luck with that, then not worth much. If it’s the precise co-ordinates of a motherload of kryptonite, that’s immediately useful and worth quite a bit.



Oh, I AM being a bit serious. Not dollars, for sure. Units, likely. A bid like that would tap into all kinds of funds and resources. Likely “my oil field in Junkistan” or “all my buildings in Mumbai!” would be the bids.

If in need for space, start at a billion and work up by quarter-billions.




If it was set in the 90’s these would be an option


I’m sorry that was a terrible joke and not helpful at all.

But seriously I know a guy who thinks he can still flip these things for thousands.


My mother was an antiques dealer. In a week I celebrate 40 years as a psychologist. And I’m still sorting out all the issues with get-rich and flipping schemes. It just ain’t right in the head.


Just converted a million dollars to Euros (since the scene takes place in Europe) and it came out to € 860696.


That’s not even a decent three bedroom in London :wink:


Keep in mind this is the opening bid. Stands to reason it’ll go much higher.


Lucky number 13. 13 million dollars? Or maybe 666 mil?