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Need an proof reader. Reasonable pay. Would prefer it to be someone I know and like.Or at least know


As there are many pedants here in Millarworld I thought I’d ask and see if any of you wanted to do some regular proof reading for me. The pay isn’t massive, but reasonable for the work, which many of us would probably do for free.

While i can pick out a gramatical error a mile away, I’m terrible at editing and proof reading my own work. Even when I have my attention drawn to mistakes my response is still usually, “It doesn’t look like anything to me.”

If any of you are interested I’d be very grateful and it would be a weight off my mind. Feel free to PM me instead of posting here if you would prefer to do that.


Ill do it for free and I’m qualified.


I’m happy to help. Not sure I can do it regularly though.


Fantastic!! Thank you. Though I really would prefer to pay you at least something for the work. But we can sort that out in time. I will PM you with details when I get the chance later.


Brilliant, if Tim is unavailable then you could cover, means it wouldn’t be so regular :grinning: Thank you. I’ll PM you about it later, too.


That suits me. Sign me up.


Consider yourself signed!


Wait, what?


If only Burno was still around.

Althou his method was tough!


If Simon and Tim are both unavailable, I can help. Free and qualified, me.

I am a most excellent reader of proofs. For instance:

See! I even passed Tim’s not so subtle test. :slight_smile:


Fantastic. I now have a Team!

[quote=“Bernadette, post:10, topic:9177”]
See! I even passed Tim’s not so subtle test. :slight_smile:

Crap, were you trolling me @TMasters? To be fair, this does illustrate the point that it is really difficult to proof read your own work.


Yay…Go team…

Which one am I?


no I wuz not.

I onlee car abowt grama and werdz when its for sumthing profshunl

No, but seriously, I proof read submissions daily so it’s something I’m paid for. I’m more than happy to have a look but I won’t be gentle. @DavidM is also gud choyc


(I think you’re the cat, Simon).


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I would have put my name forward but Parker had plenty of responses already. Plus I would have charged way over the odds :laughing:


I’m not falling into that old ‘did you just assume my pokemon character,’ trap… Pick your own.


I have no idea what you mean. I am a 41 year old man Parker. When I see that word, I still assume that it is a typo and people meant to type Pac-Man.


It’s a bit after my time too, but the name ‘Team Rocket’ would suit any Millarworld grouping to be fair. The only thing I really know about pokemon is that I fancy the purple haired chick. I fancy most female animated characters and real life women with purple hair so combining the two was a genius move on the creator’s part to get my attention.


That’s a dude, Parker.


Even better.