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NBC Cancels Hannibal after three seasons



Love the show :<


Man that’s a shame. I know that the writing was on the wall due to the ratings, but still it was/is a great show.


Ah, what a disappointment. Hope they manage to go out on a high.


Season 4 will show up on Netflix or Amazon within 2 years.


Hope so.


Posted a few days ago how I finally got around to watching the series. What an incredible show. Started watching on Thursday and binged yesterday, so I’m 3 episodes into season 2. The stringed instrument episode (#8, season 1) absolutely blew my mind. It was the first real instance where the show had been building and building through the first seven episodes and finally exploded. Phenomenal television.

But the first three minutes of the season 2 premier was even better. What a beautifully filmed three minutes as well, the reflection of Jack (Laurence Fishburne) off Hannibals chef knife, the slow descent of intent, and then the explosion of violence. After the season 1 finale, I was not expecting that at all.

I have no doubt a show of this quality and beauty will get picked up by someone.


I am so damn gutted about this. It’s so beautifully filmed and I really feel like it has so much more to give.


Wouldn’t surprise me if it did and won’t surprise me if it doesn’t. Fuller [presumably] is going to be pretty busy with American Gods over at Starz, so he might not have time to keep Hannibal going. I’d be happy to see it continue, though.


The might be a good place to finish it up anyway. The second half of the third season is going to be turned over to an adaptation of Red Dragon, which might be a nice place to leave it and finish out Will Graham’s story, and finish up with Hannibal imprisoned , if they are going to follow the storyline in the books.


That fight at the start of season 2 was my favourite thing in the entire show. It was a brilliant scene.


Suggested by Fishburne, apparently, as he felt that the first season didn’t give him much in the way of physical action.


When things exploded, I really did jump off the couch and yell WTF. The dog got quite animated, jumping as well and barking at me

Not that it will make a likely difference, but a petition has been started to save the show. Here’s an interesting little news bit, showing that the creators are shopping it around.

As far as the dead show’s Lazarus-like future is concerned, the DeLaurentiis Co. has mentioned that it’s looking into new partnership opportunities (which, according to Variety, include everything from digital outlets to cable channels). Long live Hannibal and his #Fannibal!


I love all the shots of beautiful Italy in Hannibal. This might esthetically be the greatest tv show ever.


When I have been discussing the show with people, that’s one of the things that I keep coming back to. It is gruesome, but also quite beautiful in it’s way…plus all of the scenes with food gorgeous.

I can see how that might be a tough sell though.


As beautiful as it is, I don’t think it is really great. I watch it for the visual artistry, but the story is just a bit too far out for me to take it seriously, and it also got very repetitive very quickly with Graham and Lecter’s relationship.


I love this show so much and really hope it finds another home.

There simply isn’t anything else like it on television. As far as that goes, I am surprised that NBC kept it around as long as they did.


Interview with Bryan Fuller. Some interesting bits:

Do you want to do more episodes of Hannibal?
I’d love to keep working with this cast, and when you have folks like Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne and Gillian Anderson and Caroline Dhavernas, I would be a fool not to want to continue working for them and writing for them.

But is it logistically feasible? I’m wondering because you’ve got another show on deck, American Gods.
Yeah. It would be a case of staggering two productions so that I could do both. We’re not on a network anymore, and that means we’re not on a network schedule.

So if a fourth season of Hannibal ended up landing in some other U.S. venue, you might have to negotiate with them a little bit about the premiere date, so that you wouldn’t have to do that and American Gods at the same time?

Presumably, yes, in order to make two shows work there would have to be flexibility in terms of when we would deliver the fourth season of Hannibal.

So might it be the kind of thing where, instead of delivering a new season of Hannibal episodes roughly 12 months from now, you deliver another season 18 months from now or two years from now, as some cable series have done in the past?

There would be a small gap if there is a fourth season because of my obligations to American Gods. I want to make sure, while launching a new series with my partner Michael Green, that we’re not taking away from either Hannibal or American Gods. They both have to be equally serviced.

So in theory, this show could land at Showtime or Netflix or somewhere else, right?

Or Amazon streaming, or … you know, there’s a few options. I know that it can’t go to Netflix because the Amazon streaming deal for Hannibal would preclude Netflix from being able to stream it in a way that would benefit them. I know Netflix has been incredibly complimentary to the show, but that’s the one place I’m almost certain that it can’t go.


No Netflix!? Oh no!!!


Both Amazon and Netflix have definitely passed on Season 4 (but Fuller still exploring possibilities).

This is an absolutely wonderful show. I hope it survives.


Apparently the cast have been released from their contracts now and are moving on to other things, which is going to make it harder to put them back together if someone does pick it up. So it’s not looking good.