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National Novel Writing Month 2018


NaNoWriMO 2018 has begun! I’m in this year and looking forward to it. Of course, I spent a month planning and outlining several ideas, and I’ve thrown them all out. I’m pantsing this thing. Good luck to all participants.

I may share excerpts, kind of a mini deadline to keep me motivated. Motivation is key. I hope you guys share as well.


I’ve tried in years past and never gotten more than a few pages.

This year I think I have a good enough general premise, at least enough to continue mining at it without outright worrying about hitting a wall.
Neat thread, Hank.


I did it successfully for three years (2004-06), and then unofficially again a few more times. The first year, I had intended to do a different story, too, up until that first day, and then I ended up writing something completely different, and that became, once I continued the story in the years that followed, my first novel.


I’ve tried it a couple times. Never get close to 50k though. I have one project I’ve been working on on and off way too long. I’ve already got about 75000 words written, but can’t seem to find the thread again. Keep trying and sputtering.


That’s already quite a lot. Most publishers, I think, would consider that sufficiently novel-length. If it contains a reasonable facsimile of a complete story, you could worry about the rest of it for another book.


It’s still not complete. I figure the final word count will be around 100,000. But I got so busy with a new job and personal stuff over the last 6+ months that I’ve had very little time to devote to it and diving back in after losing that earlier momentum has proved difficult.


I wouldn’t worry too much about the break. I usually use down time like that to continue thinking about the story. Eventually I have a huge breakthrough, and that’s really the unconscious mind working out the problems the conscious mind can’t.