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Hi. I make short stories, sometimes I finish them. Sometimes I don’t. I usually post’em in social media.


This is an unfinished short story entry that I’ve made with a group of local indie comic book creators here in the Philippines. We would use our own individual character and be matched with another character, Whoever tells the best story wins. The script is in Filipino. But I think, you don’t have to read them. Just try and read the pictures. Tried to rush the last pages but missed the deadline.


Good to see another Filipino in the forums. :smile: Good job man.


The images definitely tell a story - I’m not totally sure what’s going on, but obviously building up to the climatic fight. Really like the last two pages, think probably as there’s more black, so more contrast/impact. And more action of course. Nicely done!


coolio, francis!


thanks @skyward






Some really great artwork here, Great Job! One thing you may want to think about, just trying to be helpful, is to maybe try practicing doing some really quick, sketchy poses for your characters, to get a really good sense of movement, and then building out the detailed figures off of the those sketches, to try to help you get an even better sense of movement/action in your artwork. It’s a constant struggle of mine, but I’ve found that this sometimes helps me out.

Again, great job, and keep up the great work! Look forward to seeing more of your artwork!


Thanks JRed for the comment. Totally appreciate it.



You’ve got a very distinctive style! Some great stuff here - the Black Panther’s my personal favourite :wink:


Thanks EllBalson. Here’s a vod on how I did it. :slight_smile:






Mother’s Day happened, did these for my mom and my girlfriend’s mom. Plus, for my cousin’s baby.