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My tribute to the Magic Order


First of all, let me introduce myself. As a french ComicBook Artist, I use to draw some cover artworks (like “Back to the Future” a variant cover published by IDW Publishing / Flamival) and I use to work on a French Comic-Book Series called “Guardian of the Republic” .

Initially, I just wanted to draw a quick tribute to ‘the Magic Order’ but it has become a Cover fan-art. Maybe it could be a variant cover for ‘the Magic Order’…who knows ?! :stuck_out_tongue: (please, let me dream ^^). Check this out ^^


This is amazing!


It’s great work, if you haven’t yet send it to @Mark_Millar on Twitter as he may miss it in all the threads here, he loves this kind of stuff.


Ha I just saw you did and I was absolutely right:

WOW. Love it.

— Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) May 23, 2018


The coloring is the most amazing part of it.


Thank you all for your advices and your opinions. You are too kind ! :blush: