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My Top Cow Talent Hunt Script Submission


So, the winners of the Top Cow Talent Hunt were announced and I wasn’t one of them. Going over my script, I now realize that it didn’t really say anything about the character that I chose, so I guess there’s always next time.
If anyone’s interested, I have uploaded my script to:
And I’d welcome any comments.


I didn’t win either, buddy…but you know what at least you had a bloody good go!
That’s half the battle…now just get out there and write your own stories, with your own characters!
You can do it! :wink:


A couple weeks back I had a chance to read the comic made from a Top Cow talent hunt featuring the 13th Artifact, the one they haven’t really done too much with. So that was the one I was going to pursue. I don’t remember if I ended up submitting. The winner, though, went in an entirely unexpected direction, so that the 13th Artifact monk was actually a bad guy, and the story really wasn’t even about him. If nothing else it opened my eyes to how bold Top Cow is willing to allow winners to be with this stuff.


I, on the other hand, did win previously :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You really just need to keep trying. I lost a bunch of times too. But every year, my scripts got a little bit better, until I eventually nabbed a Runners-Up spot.

Matt’s right. Go work on other stuff too. You improve with practice. I’ve done a ton of small press and indie stuff.

That way, once the next Talent Hunt comes around, you will be a better writer and in a better position to win it.

That was the year I got a Runners-Up spot. Amit Chauhan and Eli Powell entered as a writer-artist team. Their work really compliments each other. Afterwards they went on to do Yakuza Demon Killers for IDW.