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My Top 10 Movies of 2015 - Finally decided!


Okay, this was hard. Unusually not because it was tough to squeeze the thirty or so movies I usually rate into a single group of ten, but because this was a very poor year for movies. This has happened twice in the last decade, but I think we were so spoiled in 2014 (with superhero movies in particular) that I really felt the dip this year. That said, the highs were high so I can’t complain.

And so, in no particular order, my choices are…

*Star Wars: The Force Awakens
*While We’re Young (also starring Adam Driver)
*Mad Max Fury Road
*Kingsman (slightly biased)
*The Visit (which I really, really, really loved)
*Ex Machina
*An Innocent Man (fashionable to knock, but Woody seldom disappoints)
*Going Clear: The Scientology documentary
*Get Hard

Last choice is a weird one as I don’t usually enjoy broad comedies, but I absolutely loved this and laughed all the way through it. No animated feature really worked for me this year at all, Inside Out especially alienating both myself and my kids and seemed to confirm my fears Pixar now just aiming at critics and forgetting their target demographic (i.e., small people).

Next year I just can’t wait for Superman V Batman. I know MOS had it’s flaws, but I’m just too much of a DC fanboy from the past not to feel a charge at seeing these two characters come together and Wonder Woman being in there too. I wish they weren’t all fighting, but that latest trailer looked a lot of fun and I’m strangely looking forward to this a good deal more than Civil War, which is a similar idea and based on one of my books. But I’m just very slightly bored of those characters now and eager to see something fresh.

Speaking of which, MORE STAR WARS. 2016 is looking amazing. We don’t get Hateful 8 or The Revenant in the UK until January, but what a fantastic way to kick the New Year off.



i don’t even think i can come up with 10 films i enjoyed this year…:frowning:

Mad Max for sure
I did really enjoy Kingsman too (not biased)
Going clear was interesting, but wouldn’t go up there with my top.
Now, if you had said The Jinx (wow, now that as a good doc, but multi part, so don’t know if that counts)
Apart from that…i have fallen into an abyss of disappointment this year!

I was really disappointing with Ex Machina.
The ending was so obvious, i can think of at least two better twists!..just saying. :smiley:

I missed the visit,M Night lost me after he did a film about killer trees.

Ant-man i like, but was ruined by kids screwing around in the cinema.

Your other i haven’t seen.

But i cannot think of anything else ive seen this year that made me go WOW.


I think we should make a board rule that Oscar fodder is folded into the next year because even in the US Hateful 8 is on limited release just to qualify for the awards and doesn’t reach the peasants in the shires until January 1st. Same for The Revenant, general release in North America is January 8th.


soooo looking forward to that! :smiley:


Birdman was not just my favorite film of the year (if it counts; I don’t think I considered it a ‘this year’ film because I was listing it last), it may have been my favorite film of the last decade. I’ve rarely - never? - seen such craft and care at every level. My mind reels when I try to consider all the intention there.

Lobster (not as good as Dogtooth, though!)
Mad Max Fury Rd
Hateful Eight

Missed a lot of them though.


I have to catch up on a lot of films, and there are still new ones coming out!!!

As far as the Academy is concerned, THEY define the start and end of a year, not anything as silly as a calendar!


Yeah never mind them. I am talking about wiser heads on Millarworld. :wink:


I plan on seeing Hateful Eight in glorious 70mm when I return from visiting family. :wink:

Have you and your kids seen Song of the Sea? I really think you and your little ones would enjoy it. The same people have another one called Secret of Kells that’s pretty good too. I think @garjones will back me up on these. :wink:


Song of the Sea is excellent, it’s Celtic tales mixed up with Studio Gibli. My four year old loves it and has watched it a dozen times. Asked for it again today.

Secret of Kells is a but drier and they haven’t really taken to it.


Not the best film of the year, but the animated movie that made me laugh the most;


Nicholas! Cage them!
Drew, Barry, More Power!

and so on and on


That’s Classified.


Ya. Secret of Kells wasn’t nearly as strong as Song of the Sea but still better than a lot out there.

  1. Straight Outta Compton
  2. Jurassic World
  3. Kingsman(I’m not saying that because I’m on Mr. Millar’s forum, but it was a REALLY dope movie. Shoot, my Dad loved it & watches it constantly on HBO.)
  4. Inside Out
  5. Creed
  6. Force Awakens
  7. Peanuts
  8. The Martian
  9. Avengers 2
  10. Goosebumps


Still to see a couple of those, but any top I do would need to include It Follows - great little film!


Star Wars The Force Awakens
Mad Max Fury Road
Spooks The Greater Good
Big Hero 6
Jupiter Ascending
It Follows
Jurassic World
Spectre (flawed though)
Theory Of Everything
Best cinematic experience though was seeing the original Terminator film on the big screen for the first time.


Excuse me, Do you mean “irrational man” movie by Woody Allen in the place of “an innocent man” Isn´t it?

PD: Not biased, Kingsman was best superhero movie of the year. Colin, Eggsy and SamL killed it. Really, really funny. Also enjoyed a lot the other two bondesque movies, Spectre & UNCLE. The uncle just for the girl Vikander deserves be top10 of the year.

  1. Tomorrowland
    2.Avengers Age of Ultron
    5.Jurassic World

I could only muster a top five. By far Tomorrowland was my favorite.


Star Wars went above and beyond what it was expected to do. Unbelievable.

I have to agree somewhat about Pixar. I miss the wild comedies to be honest with you, The Good Dinosaur especially just lacked flavour with a vanilla main character that you didn’t really care about. Take a look at Woody - in the first film he has the world’s biggest God complex, he’s the unchallenged leader and favourite and becomes racked with jealousy when his authority becomes questioned. Kids like characters with flaws as much as grown ups do because they’re just little versions of us. Having a passive character the whole way through is just boring and ends up being more of an art film or display of 3D technology than an actual engaging story.


I saw T2 a couple years back at the cinema and had a great time with it. The Alien/Aliens double bill I went to last summer was even better!