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My titles on Tapastic!


Hi, I’m glad to announce that besides digital sales, my titles are now on Tapastic in webcomic format, with two new pages posted weekly. Feel free to check out and subscribe to:

Knight My superhero title. An action and fantasy adventure starring a superhero with an original origin. Or so I think so, at least.
Knight en español Mi título de superhéroes. Con acción y fantasía y un superhéroe con un origen muy original. O al menos eso creo.
SFC Ever wondered what goes on backstage of a Superpowered Fighting Championship Entertainment Federation? If not, you should! This is a collaboration effort with other writers from Evoluzione Publishing.
Villain From Evoluzione Publishing. A superhero themed murder-mystery-thriller.
Armor I From Evoluzione Publishing. An all-ages sci-fi adventure. A powerful alien weapon crashlanded on Earth. Found by an ordinary kid, it will now become his only hope to fight off an alien invasion.

Be sure to stop by Evoluzione Publishing for more previews on these and more.

More to come soon! I hope you enjoy them!


I’m now subscribing to Armor! Looking forward to seeing more.


Thanks Marbage! You’re most welcome!

Also, we have added a new title to the list:
Realm of the Dripildofs: My take on a buddy comedy between some dude and a dripildof. With twists of fantasy and humor. Also available in Spanish by clicking Reino de los Dripildofs

I hope you continue to enjoy our stories!


I just realize I never updated this thread with the last series that were added:

P.I.S.: Another of my attempts at a paranormal comedy/drama. This is the story of the greatest paranormal mystery solving couple. But after their divorce. They will bump into each other constantly in very unfriendly reunions.

Quite Paranormal: This was a short story I was asked to expand on. It’s about Sarah, a girl chosen to fight evil spirits and entities, although her spiritual guide… um… simply sucks. Check it out!

Piece of Me: Another series by talented people. This story follows the glamorous life of a superpowered party girl as she must step up to try to fill in her superpowered father’s shoes. Highly enjoyable.