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My pitch for a Captain Britain film/films in the MCU


Begins - Maldon, Essex, c.1981 - BRIAN BRADDOCK is twenty-five, tired, scientific prodigy, struggling. He is a chiselled, attractive, handsome blonde, athletic, like Garth from the Daily Mirror. His parents, SIR JAMES and LADY ELIZABETH died a year or two earlier, English gentry who spent too much money on the father’s obsessive scientific experiments - an attempt to break the dimensions that resulted in poisoned gases killing both Sir James and Lady Elizabeth. Now living in his empty, cold ancestral home, his sister LIZ (twenty-five, brown-haired, attractive)is in Asia, doing “dirty work” as a pilot, while his older brother JAMIE (mid-thirties, older, curly dark hair, a Jason King-type) is a playboy financial whiz.

Brian is sort of working at W.H.O., the Weird Happenings Organisation, run by ALISTAIRE STUART (late 50s, Scottish, cynical, extremely intelligent), a colleague of his father, who are refining Sir James’ experiments at the remote research centre in Darkmoor, Northern England. One day, after meeting his girlfriend COURTNEY ROSS, an attractive silver-haired girl in her twenties, Brian journeys off to work in Darkmoor on his motorcycle, when the security alarm goes off, and five thieves, the fat middle-aged Cockney female NAUGHTON, the seductive, dark, attractive female NERVO, the muscular, lantern-jawed KNOX, the frizzy-haired, wiry, agile FLANAGAN and the rotund, hunchbacked ALLEN appear, initially whistling “Run Rabbit Run”, before holding the place to ransom. As police are called, Brian makes an escape, on his motorcycle, into the deep countryside, where near a stone circle, he crashes. Unconscious, he is awakened by MERLYN - late sixties, long silver hair, clean-shaven, knowing, wise but slightly sinister and his attractive dark-haired daughter ROMA, who claim to have known Sir James. They offer Brian the choice of the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Right. Brian, confused claims to be no warrior, chooses the Amulet and finds himself gifted with flight, super-strength, super-senses and the power to shoot energy beams. He finds a strange outfit on his motorcycle, and he is told that he like his father is now one of the Captain Britain Corps. Returning to Darkmoor, he discovers that the “Crazy Gang” of thieves are androids. He defeats them and rescues Alistaire and the others. He admits to Alistaire his true identity, and then flies off.

Cut to months later. London, at night, all dark and misty, think An American Werewolf in London. We see HUW, an old Welsh tramp, wandering about, looking scared, with GILLES, a younger, equally scruffy French hippy. They are both scared, looking around. Gilles prepares to fight, but suddenly a laser beam shoots out. We see a white light peering through the darkness - THE FURY, a hulking purple bio-organic creature, its right arm a mix of various mechanical creatures, with no face, just a mass of lights, one distinctly larger than the other, emanating a huge beam of light. It shoots a huge laser beam from its arm, killing Gilles. Huw runs along, into a bed and breakfast, run by a middle-aged, purple-rinsed ageing goodtime girl, VIC or Vixen to her friends. Vixen takes Huw into the empty upstairs dining room, only for the Fury to burst through the French windows, lift Huw up and throw him to the ground below, shooting him with lasers, using him like a human clay pigeon. We see Vixen is not yet aware of what is going on, but tells the Fury that she likes its style, and the Fury recognises it as a friend - a sort of Frankenstein’s Monster/Blind Hermit relationship built on a weird sense of mutual respect.

Meanwhile, Brian is in Captain Britain mode, merrily teaching school bullies a lesson, protecting Asian corner shops from NF thugs, etc. He’s keeping low, Alistaire blaming the androids on a “failed experiment”. The next day, Brian is having dinner with his girlfriend Courtney, sitting in an Italian restaurant. He hears on the radio a local news report about the charred remnants of two tramps being found in London, witnesses at a bed and breakfast claiming to have seen bright lights. Brian, kind of tired by the relationship, announces that he has to leave early, and enters the bathroom, where he rips off his clothes and reveals his uniform beneath. Cap rescues an OLD LADY from being crushed by a passing bus, brings her home and then as he walks towards the bed and breakfast, he leaps onto the roof and spies DCI DAI THOMAS, a middle-aged Welsh Scotland Yard cop, standing puzzled over the crime scene, Vixen being very enigmatic. She flirts and he ignores her, mainly because he is married and with kids. She plays the victim and Francis leaves. Captain Britain is on the search for the Fury. Merlin and Roma appear at a bus stop, disguised as an old bloke and a schoolgirl, and tell him about the Fury - which is killing various Captain Britains from various dimensions, and that the two tramps killed were Captain Britains on the run, travelling from dimension to dimension. They also tell him that the Crazy Gang are androids made by “National British Electric”, a company from another dimension. Cap then comes across the bed and breakfast, and listens and follows Vixen along the roof - where suddenly, the Fury bursts out of a sudden tunnel of golden light and starts shooting, but weirdly doesn’t kill anyone. It then sees Captain Britain and shoots a fireball of energy that rips through the street, burning houses down, leaving its residents alive and naked in mounds of dust (the idea that the Fury can only kill those it has been programmed to). It thinks Cap is dead, but then Cap returns, floating over the flames. The Fury vanishes and then suddenly appears again, on the other side of the street, running in and out of dimensions. Vixen tries to throw a net over the Fury and uses a scythe to cut it, but instead she confuses its mode and it launches a huge energy missile across the road. - Cap then pushes the Fury into the resulting explosion. The Fury sizzles, melting, electric current running through it. It becomes an oily purple-black monolith. Soon, the military come in - BRIGADIER ALYSANDE STUART, late thirties to mid-forties, the younger sister of ALISTAIRE, who runs WHO’s military. Stuart is more suspicious of Cap than her superstitious brother. She takes away the monolith and places it in storage at Darkmoor. Cap, meanwhile, burns out of energy and is found by a red-haired young woman named LINDA who tells him to come with her, “where it is safe”, but before he can go with her, Linda mysteriously vanishes.

Soon, photos emerge of the floating Cap. which sweep the tabloids. News of the Fury is covered up, explained away as an IRA splinter group. Brian goes to meet Liz who has arrived home after working for “Jaspers Industries”. But Merlyn suddenly appears, and tells him to go to Darkmoor. Arriving at Darkmoor, the place is in panic. ALISTAIRE, under the pressure of his sister is going mad, as the “Crazy Gang” and the Fury monolith have both vanished. Merlyn then appears and sends Brian reluctantly into a vortex, a billowing tunnel of blue fog.

Brian finds himself in Merlyn’s home dimension - “Otherworld”, land of myth and legend, green and full of fairies, leprechauns, basically an alt-Ireland. Brian is told his father was the Captain Britain there, sent to “our” Earth c.1943, during the Second World War, replacing the James Braddock of that Earth, killed while on a scientific mission. Merlyn and Roma tell Brian that the Fury is killing members of the Captain Britain corps, including the two tramps who were Caps on the run. Cap is paired with JACKDAW, an androgynous West Country-accented elf, and are sent into the Fury’s home dimension, Earth-238 - a ruined post-apocalyptic Britain. Jackdaw notices a TV shop with news bulletins on the TVs in the shopfront - showing a news announcement by the Terry-Thomas-esque MP-turned-self-imposed Prime Minister JIM JASPERS, and his ALICE IN WONDERLAND-themed associates, whom Cap recognises as the Crazy Gang, Naughton alias the Red Queen (who can only say, “Orf with his Head!”), the idiot savant Allen/Tweedledope, the hooded Nervo/Executioner, the Knave/Knox and the clownish Jester/Flanagan. They are attacked by JUNKHEAP, a giant junk-robot that wanders through the streets, crushing buildings. A mysterious silver-haired woman leads Jackdaw and Brian for help, while her bowler-hatted, pinstripe-suited, Steed-alike “Avant Guardsmen” try to defend the place. Brian recognises the woman as an alternate Courtney. She claims to be SATURNYNE, the Omniversal Majestrix, a servant of Merlyn and Roma. She lives with an ageing overweight man named DIMPLES. She tells Brian that all the superheroes on Earth-238 have been murdered by the Fury. Jackdaw drinks Dimples’ mead, and gets drunk. Brian is given his Captain Britain outfit, and Jackdaw a superhero outfit. Saturnyne is then called in. The Fury attacks and Dimples is killed, the Crazy Gang ambush the area. Captain Britain manages to defeat the Red Queen and Jackdaw helps, but then the Fury appears and shoots Jackdaw down. Caring for the dying Jackdaw, Cap himself is killed.

Cap awakens. He sees Linda is with him. Merlyn tells him that Jackdaw is dead, and can’t be revived currently due to all the energy that Merlyn has put into reviving Cap. Saturnyne has been appointed to destroy Earth-238 to stop Jaspers who has already sucked the world dry.

Returning to his Earth with Linda, Brian realises to his horror, that Liz’s boss, “Mr. Jaspers”, is their Earth’s Mad Jim Jaspers, more working class, a Northern trade unionist-turned-MP, a sort of Enoch Powell figure who believes those with superpowers are “inhuman threats to society”. Brigadier Alysande Stuart has become a tool of Jaspers and is out on “patrols”, checking those “inhuman”. DCI Dai Thomas has become Commissioner of the Met, and believes heroes are infringing on the police’s job. The Fury has returned from the destruction of Earth-238.

Jaspers has decided to work with Vixen, but when she tries to come on to him, he turns her into a literal vixen, a red fox that he wears as a living scarf. Liz, Linda, Saturnyne and Cap team up with Alistaire and a bunch of renegade WHO troops (and help from SHIELD and Peggy Carter), and infiltrate the guarded, militarised London, as WHO troops set up extermination camps. Liz’s telepathic boyfriend TOM LENNOX, a nerdy sort has set up a resistance in the London Underground. There, they plan and hide some “inhumans”, but the Fury strikes. Tom is killed, and Liz is held capture. Cap escapes to 10 Downing Street, where Jaspers (dressed as a traditional school headmaster) reconstructs the Crazy Gang out of soil. Cap is weakened, and Merlyn appears with his staff, destroying the Crazy Gang once and for all. The Fury then storms the offices, realising that this Jaspers is not its creator and decides to incinerate him, but Jaspers is able to rebuild himself. The Fury eventually transports Jaspers to an interuniversal void, surprises him and fries his brain with an electric shock, weakening itself in the process. Merlyn dies in the fight, Captain Britain regains his strength but is unable to defeat the robot, and Linda, now in uniform as Captain UK, enraged by the fact her family and world were destroyed by the Fury tears the creature in two.

Captain Britain, Saturnyne and Captain UK wander through the ruins and meet Roma amongst the ruins. Courtney, in the crowd sees Brian, realises he is Cap and then sees him and Linda and Saturnyne, and realises he no longer loves her. Heartbroken, she bumps into Alistaire, who tells her not to worry. Meanwhile, Alysande is arrested by a demoted Dai Thomas, and sent to an asylum to be “recuperated”.The British government thank Alistaire for the resistance, and WHO is merged into MI:13, after Jaspers’ misuse of the unit.

Brian and Linda embrace, fly up and kiss, in mid-air, as a huge dimensional rift pulls her back in. Brian is flung out and lands in a halting site, surrounded by gypsy caravans.He rises up, tired and gets up. “Meggan, stop watching telly!” a woman’s voice calls.

The end…

So, that’s the plot - but the story is of a man in the shadow of his parents and family manages to break out and prove himself. But throughout this we are told his brother, only fleetingly seen is this idealistic, successful playboy financial whiz with an eye on the future, think the young Richard Branson.

So a possible mid-credits tease - Hong Kong, or some Far East metropolis. Jamie Braddock is at the house of CLIVE RESTON, an old friend from public school, now quite high in the British secret service. Reston informs Jamie of his brother’s whereabouts, and Jamie seething with jealousy wishes he had power. We realise that Jamie has bankrupted himself, on sex, drugs and more sex, and that when news comes in that his brother has effectively saved existence, Jamie is furious. So Clive offers him a contract - as a test subject for a sort of British super-intelligence drugs test program.

So, Part II begins some months after the credits. Meggan, a young teenage gypsy girl who is shaven every night, because every night in bed, she spouts fur, her fellow gypsies think she’s a witch except her parents who realise that it was because before Meggan was born, her mother took sort of ultra-thalomidic drugs, and when Cap returns to work, MI:13 is in dire straits, and

The end…

Captain Britain: MI:13
Brian Braddock, temporarily devoid of power is in the care of a band of gypsies. Among them is a young girl named Meggan, who it turns out has shape-changing abilities - a result of her mother being given an experimental form of thalidomide. Over the months, Brian and Meggan bond, and when he leaves for MI:13, she follows along. But MI:13 is in dire straits, with Alysande in prison, Alistaire is unable to work, and Cap, Liz and Meggan are forced to work on an ill-fated dimensional vortex project. Merlyn’s ghost appears to warn Brian, but he thinks it is a hallucination. Ignoring it, Brian suddenly realises something is wrong when Jamie appears, claiming to be the Second Christ, now with his mind-altered powers. Basically, the experiment went wrong, and Clive Reston has filed Jamie away to MI:13 to depower him. But he overthrows them, Alistaire has a fatal heart attack and Captain Britain and Meggan, locked in embrace are sent into the vortex, until decades later, preserved, they are released by a computer error and are met by Alistaire, or rather a default clone of Alistaire, not the first, possibly the third. Jamie is alive but powerless, a burnt-out old porn merchant looking after his sister, who lies in a coma. Except Jamie isn’t Jamie, Jamie is a Skrull/Chitauri, the real Jamie still out in the Multiverse…