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My One and Only Hit-Girl interview IS ON CBR!


Talking all kinds of coolness, including Kevin Smith, Jeff Lemire, Rafa, Risso and MORE:


All the art looks really fantastic.

I think this is a run that’s going to make other indie guys sit up and take notice. Having a set of books with such different looks for the character really kind of elevates them to become the kind of character you can see existing for decades to come. It’s like your kid leaving home and building their own life, and you can see that they have enough people around them who care, who have an interest and who’ll make sure they thrive.


It did amuse me not long back reading a comment here that Mark didn’t like manga style artwork after I had seen some of the Hit Girl previews.

It’s an interesting change, the book is a lot more breezy and cartoony than most of his previous work with the Kick Ass universe characters. I am always a fan of changing things up.


Great interview, Chief.

I’m with @Jim. I really think this will be the secret to the longevity of these characters. I’m excited to see all the different takes.


Great Interview Chief.
Very excited for whats to come.
Loved the first issue of this and Kickarse.
If you ever want to send Mindy to New Zealand let me know :wink:
I’ve got a cracking idea involving an MRI Machine, boiling mudpools and 101 ways to skin a crim.
It may also involve criminals bungy jumping with their intestines but I digress.

Great work again!


Dear Mr Millar,

very good stuff,

sounds so intriguing that I am not inclined to give up on comics so soon, thank you,



Great interview.

Pity it was on CBR, bit of a battle to read.


That was a great interview and the plans are pretty massive.
Some of the best writers and artists in the business and I like the idea of the creative team & location switching every 4 issues, it will keep things constantly fresh and exciting.

I think I’ll stick around for a while yet with the book after reading this.


Lemire’s trip to Canada sounds great! Although you can get snow like that in Maine, too. All last winter…Not sad to be missing that here in Florida, nooooo…