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My new ongoing comic, MAXWELL'S DEMONS, #1 out Nov 22nd!


Lil preview of issue 2. When I tell you we’re giving you more story on one page than some comics give you in an entire arc…well, you’ll know that I don’t shy away from exaggeration.


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Full cover ahead of tomorrow’s release!


Just had this email.



Ahhh! Hope you dig it, Dave! Thanks for the support!

It’s going to be a jolt, I think, after issue 1. But hopefully a good one!


today is the day you guys! Maxwell’s Demons 2! Read! Then tell me what you thought of it!


Mine’s still on its way!


YESS! Hope you dig!


Haven’t been keeping up with all the reviews and missives, but a couple of good ones for issue 2:

“I…I don’t know what I read. I don’t know how to process it. Really. In the abstract, I’d say “Maxwell’s Demons” #2 is a dark, psychedelic trip through space, a grownup and bummed out ode to space pulp. But in the context of #1 and where the series may be going from here? I think my brain melted. It’s the sort of book that has micro and macro ambitions, but it’s that last part that’s especially impressive. Kudos to writer Deniz Camp and artist Vittorio Astone for creating such an audacious and immersive book.”

(lots of spoilers for the youtube vid!)


Finally caught up with my stack and #2. I dug it. Loved the descriptions of the different alien races during the quest - actually reminded me of your Starlight short (think that was you?). Nice world-building overall, and lots of little details, especially on the supporting cast. Plenty of question marks over the protagonist that make me want to know more. Your stuff is dense (thought I wrote a lot but you make it far more palettable, whereas I just cut it) and the action links pretty well to the more highbrow concepts at play (not that I get everything yet).

Intrigued to know more about the bold decision to park the events of the first book?


Thank you so much!

It was a risk, but I felt like it was worth it. There are a lot of “artistic” reasons and a lot of utilitarian reasons, but what it comes down to is that as both a reader and a writer I’ve grown somewhat bored with traditional story structures played out over serialized issues (or within them, for that matter, as you’ll see). At the end of any given issue 1, you know the broad shape of what is coming in issue 2. It’s a very rare thing for a reader to be surprised by issue 2 of anything, I mean completely and totally surprised. I think there is something of wonder in that surprise, and that there is some essential yearning in the world-weary reader to again experience that wonder-surprise of youth.

It seemed a worthy of an attempt, at least.

Thanks for reading


The trade for the first arc (hopefully of many!) will be out in May, y’all!


Great work again pal. So happy for you.


Thanks brother! Excited about it, and what comes next!!


Yep, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Once you’re out of the usual five-page preview anything goes - except it rarely does. Good work mate, keep it up!


Wee interview with Vittorio and I for FCBD!


My friends!

Issue 3 will be out everywhere May 2nd! We do some of our most formally experimental work yet in it and I’m excited for everyone to see it!

Having tallied up all the numbers for issue 1, we ended up smashing through 50,000 copies - which is madness. Many thanks to all of you who supported, even those of you who didn’t, too. :slight_smile: Big thanks to @Mark_Millar for giving me my first break in the biz. It’s been immense and the best is yet to come.


duuuuuuude thats incredible!!
Goes to show how far out the diamond charts are!

Well played good sir. Well played!


That’s great Deniz, well done.

Looking forward to issue #3.


Thanks so much Dave!

Here’s the first page!


Wow, what a debut. I’m not a numbers guy, but even I know that is DECENT. Much deserved, congrats. Guess there are more Millarworld members than I thought… :grinning: