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My new ongoing comic, MAXWELL'S DEMONS, #1 out Nov 22nd!


That is a very cool review pal. Well done


Another little review, towards the end of this podcast, and very nice!


Finally got around to reading this (the week it came out, the comic store didn’t get my Paypal receipt, and last week my order got delayed in the post). Really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to see where it’s going.


Cheers, Paul! Thanks so much for picking it up! Really glad you liked it!


Will it be up on Comixology this week Deniz?


Gah, sorry guys, we are trying to get it sorted out! Hopefully an update on the digital side soon! Thanks for your patience!


I’l buy it anyway but with each week it is delayed I will place a gypsy curse on a member of your family.


That it explains my uncle’s recent lycanthropic episodes…


He’s the first victim, there will be more…


Just keep it to that side of the family, I’ve never cared for them…


The news is out friends! Happy and proud to announce that MAXWELL’S DEMONS 1 will be Vault Comics’ offering for FCBD!


Stoked for you mate!

Translation : I am very happy for your achievements & endeavours


Thanks, bruv!


My friends, Maxwell’s Demons 1 is available on comixology! And 2 will be out concurrently with issue 2, Jan 31st!

Dig in, pals! And as always thanks for the support!


Glad #2 is on the way soon. Looking forward to it.


thanks dave! Looking forward to having it out there! I feel it’s a huge improvement over issue 1!


And while the delay is unfortunate, we crafted the issues to be semi-stand alone for a reason. Weirdly, the delay is going to be narratively VERY appropriate, as you’ll see!

Excited about it, you guys!


Yay at last! My copy has been purchased.


Thanks Gar! Hope you enjoy!


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Little teaser image for issue 2 of MAXWELL’S DEMONS! Introducing Ya’el, Blackstar Breaker!

Art by Vittorio Astone