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My new ongoing comic, MAXWELL'S DEMONS, #1 out Nov 22nd!




Huzzahh!!! THanks Dave!!!


I know, I know!! The negative consequence of all the moving dates from Diamond and trying to align!

Sorry about that, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait!!


Look what arrived today:

Looking forward to reading it later.


WOOOT! Thanks for your support, Dave!


I read it today and really enjoyed it Deniz. There’s a nice sense of danger and unpredictability to it that sets it apart from other stories that deal with similar subject matter. I also thought the art was excellent, particularly some of the creature designs. Excellent stuff and a book to be proud of. I will definitely be buying issue #2.


Thanks Dave. Really glad you liked it.

I think ‘unpredictable’ is going to be a watchword for the book. We’re going to some unexpected places.


Very positive review from the Doomrocket folks!


And another!


From that review:

I meant to ask about this - my copy didn’t have that cover (the one solicited), as you can see from the picture above. Were there variant covers, or was the cover changed before publication?


Yeah, we actually had 3 covers. I’m away from the computer right now so I’ll have to link to Vittorio’s twitter:

Our first cover, before Vault picked us up:

Then Vault wanted a cover that fit to their wrap-around specifications, which gave us another chance. I thought something kind of pensive and ominous and symbolic would be cool, and Vittorio came up with this:

Which I still really like. But the feedback Vault got from retailers and readers and marketing was that it was too quiet and didn’t say enough about the story. A bit boring, essentially. So they asked Vittorio to do something a bit more illustrative of the story, the characters, the scale. He came up with the final cover:

I liked them all, and I can totally see how the last one was the best fit, but I have a special place in my heart for the second one.

Which do you like best, guys?


I like the mood of the second one but I agree that the final one is more dynamic.


Yeah. In the end it’s probably a bit less spoilery as well, which is for the best. I’ve said this in a bunch of interviews, but I’m going for a sense of constant upending of expectations. I wanted the first issue to feel like a modern fairytale for a lot of it – and then I wanted it to end like a pre-classic fairytale, Grimm, with the stepsisters having their eyes pecked out and so forth.

The first wraparound cover might have telegraphed it a bit.


For me, the first inkling I really got of that was the early shot of the crows outside the window. A great panel.


Ah yeah that’s one of my favorites (I’m also very fond of the last page).

You’re always, as a creator, trying to foreshadow enough that you’re not coming out with twists from nowhere while at the same time surprising the characters and hopefully the readers, if you can.

That’s one of the benefits of these done-in-ones; not that much time to think too much about it. There’s one big overarching twist that clicks into place in issue 5 and recontextualizes everything that has come before and comes after, but even if you’ve guessed it, there is some twist in each of the 5 issues that functions independently of that bigger twist, I think, and those ones just come too fast I think to really anticipate to the point of being bored when they arrive.

This had no bearing on the making of this book per se, but the semi new show The Good Place does this really well; every episode’s ending kind of upturns the status quo in a big way, and has you question everything you thought you know. They’ve got a more linear structure than we do, but the effect is similar, and something I think is missing from a lot of serialized fiction, where it would be most useful.


I think that’s very satisfying for the reader. Even if you are trying to actively guess the twists (which I’m not, really - and I didn’t think that panel gave anything away, it just slightly shifted the tone so that the later revelations felt more natural and less out-of-nowhere, like you say).


Cheers, Dave.

That satisfaction is something I’m thinking about a lot. Maybe it’s that my background was exclusively reader up until a few years ago, but I think a lot about how to deliver as much as possible within the hard confines of the comic.

Coming up we’ve got: the face of god, the secret origin of barns, the simple structure of human history, and, because you demanded it, THE TRUTH ABOUT TIME!

Also, a character named I, Fungi, whose name never appears in the issue and it’s one of my big regrets. (so many great names the reader will never see that issue – Ra-Man Sun-Head! Baton Rogue! P’aglia’'ccii The Many-Angled Crying Clown!)


Another very kind review! “Sleeper hit of the week”


Great review. Robbie sure digs his comics :metal:


Forgot to put this one up when we got it!