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My new ongoing comic, MAXWELL'S DEMONS, #1 out Nov 22nd!


Cheers! Digging the work I’ve seen of yours on Hazel!


Anything new on this, Deniz? I checked next week’s list too and didn’t see anything. Where’s my Maxwell’s Demons??? :wink:


It would be best if this didn’t come out until 8th November, because that’s when I can next get into the LCS. Cheers :+1: :wink:


Well, I’m sure that Deniz wants his books to get into the hands of as many David Meadowses as possible… :smile:


It looks like Diamond is saying December 27th now.




That’s just a placeholder! I’m still unsure on the date but it should be much earlier than that, within the next couple of weeks I believe, but there is some wrestling being done between Diamond and Vault.

stay tuned!


Glad to hear it will be sooner rather than later. Sorry it’s being such a headache. It has to make it difficult for an indie writer like yourself to promote your book when the release date isn’t even made known to you.


Check out what’s on next week’s list.




In honor of this new confirmed street date…

A new interview!


Also! An advanced review!


3 Days away! Eeep!


My copy is ordered, as is my order of the PanelxPanel issue. :slight_smile:


Ahhh, thanks so much Paul!!


Another advanced review!


Tomorrow, my friends! MAXWELL’S DEMONS is out tomorrow, and I’m being told we are just about sold out!

Make sure you tell your LCS you want your copy ASAP!


Good luck Deniz - I enjoyed the extended preview and just ordered my copy!

Incidentally, if anyone normally hits up eBay when they’ve left it far too late at their LCS (like me) all copies seem to be coming from the US - but FPUK have it in stock:


Than you!

For those who are going to use comixology, it should be out in 1-2 weeks. Sorry for that delay!


Pre-ordered this a while back. Today I got this. :slight_smile: