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My new ongoing comic, MAXWELL'S DEMONS, #1 out Nov 22nd!


Long conversation I had with the guys at THAT’S THE ISSUE, I talk about Maxwell’s, Millarworld (including the boards!), and much much more!

I think I spend an insane amount of time talking about the New Gods as well, for all my sins.


Another interview, this time with Vittorio and I! Text interview, this time!

Check it!


Another interview, this time with Multiversity Comics!

Check it!


When is it hitting the shelves/digital stores Deniz?


The original date is Oct 11th, but there have been some troubles from Diamond. I BELIEVE that it’ll be out Oct 8th regardless digitally, but it may be delayed physically by a week or two.


Are you sure it’s October 8th? That’s this coming Sunday.


might be the ship to store date


Sorry, Oct 11th!!

My brain is broken, taken up with New York Comic Con, which ends Oct. 8th.



You going to NYCC this weekend?


Yes sir! I’ve got editors to meet and projects to pitch!


Best of luck to you sir.


Thank you! A whirlwind already, but one I’m loving!


Ya. Good luck. Enjoy the show.


Another day, another interview! This time with comicosity…one of my favorites! You can tell that I’m severely sleep deprived.


I listened to the podcast that you posted above. To be honest, I think your original pitch undersold this. The book sounds amazing.

Is it still due out over the next couple of weeks, right?


Ach, thanks so much Simon! We’re really proud of what we’ve done with it. And what I talked about in the podcast, and the interviews…it’s still leaving out so, so much about what it’s REALLY about. It’s been an ongoing process trying to figure out what I can say without ruining and revealing too much.

Should be out digitally and in print in two weeks; delayed due to diamond shipping troubles, and Vault has started delaying the digital to coincide with the new in-store date as a matter of principle/fair play.


I was looking forward to picking it up on Comixology today but that makes perfect sense from Vault. It isn’t good or fair for comics shops to be behind.


Thanks for the support gar! Promise it’ll be worth the wait!


And in breaking news looks like Panel x panel issue 5 will be highlighting Maxwells Demons!!


Insider dealing :wink: