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My new ongoing comic, MAXWELL'S DEMONS, #1 out Nov 22nd!


I just pre-ordered a copy. Good luck with this, Deniz.


Thanks so much you guys! Sending out retailer emails today!

Early reaction has been super positive! Please do tell me what you think. :slight_smile:


Happy to hear they are getting the FP stamp of approval!

The company is definitely getting some buzz, and putting out some great books. Hopefully I’m the rule and not the exception!


Saw you got a plug and endorsement from Big Bang Comics in Dublin today. (John, the owner of the shop, being an old moderator here).


Ah, the Big Bang guys have been super supportive; John, Bruno, JP. JP and I work on PanelxPanel together.

I had no idea John used to be a mod on Millarworld! Was that before my time, or is my memory just poor?


Poor memory I think, he just became less active as the years went on, busy with the shop.


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Some great creators saying nice things about Maxwell’s Demons!


Mark Abnett “DAMN DENIZ!”


I think the title of my next short story will be “How I killed DenizCamp because of jealousy”.


Give me just a few more good years! :slight_smile:


(They misspelled “Eric Trautmann.”)


Yep, we’re fixin it!


Awesome. Good luck with the comic!


Had a great time doing this interview with my pal, Ganzeer (an amazing artist/writer/activist/human). Check it out!


Right everyone, Millarworld has created an amazing supportive community and for everyone who has ambitions of working in the industry or just loves comics & your serious about supporting independent comics we all need to subscribe to this series and give it a real chance to shine.
Deniz and his partners have created something that deserves every bit of support and recognition the the previews have given it.

Get off your backside and preorder/subscribe to the series and make it a regular on your pull list.
this one is a must buy.

Also he’s a good bastard and deserves the love



I’m looking forward to Deniz’s book. It looks pretty damn amazing.


Thanks, bruv!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks Simon! I’m very proud of the whole crew on this – think it should turn some heads, and hope you enjoy it!


Hey all! We got ourselves a HUGE preview at io9! Check it out! Tell me all your thoughts (on god or otherwise), I’d really like to meet them! (this is a very dated music reference)


Got some potentially great news recently. Nothing I can talk about, but – trust me, you’ll want to get in on this. Response from all corners has been amazing, and I’m super grateful!