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My new ongoing comic, MAXWELL'S DEMONS, #1 out Nov 22nd!


Thanks man! Yeah it’s completely mental. Really grateful for all the support.


Congrats! This really looks awesome!


Thank you! It IS really awesome! :slight_smile: (to me, at least)


Spread from issue 3 that I’m really happy with!

Anyone get the ref (w/o looking at my twitter)?


Ministry of Silly Walks meets Blockbusters? Sounds a bit Douglas Adams-y.


Just got my shipping confirmation indicating that issue #3 is out this week (and on its way). Looking forward to it.


Cheers Dave! Hope ya dig!


The FCBD reprint of #1 got a “Don’t Miss” from NPR:

Title: Maxwell’s Demons

Genre: Science Fiction

The Gist: 10-year-old Max is a genius who travels the galaxy thanks to an intra-dimensional closet door he’s built in his bedroom. But he’s attracted the attention of some cosmic beings who may or may not be benevolent. (Bet on the latter.)

Additional Info: Think Calvin and Hobbes’ Spaceman Spiff … but darker. No, even darker. Darker still. This is chewy, thoughtful and gorgeous-looking stuff that may be categorized as All-Ages, but that delivers a more satisfyingly nuanced read than the other FCBD books in this category.

Verdict? Not for very young kids, but pretty much for everyone else. A favorite. Yes.


Hah, cheers Paul for noticing! I just saw that myself! Incredibly kind review.


I got Maxwell’s Demons #1 in my FCBD bag today. As I already have it, I’ll pass it on to one of my friends, in the sure knowledge that they will then buy the rest of the series. If they don’t, I’ll disown them, because who wants friends with such poor taste in comics?

I also have #3 (not free) but won’t be reading it for a while as I have to read all these pesky free books first. The cover’s really nice, though :slight_smile:


Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.

Maxwell’s Demons #3

This book continues to confound expectations, offering up a third issue that strikes a slightly different tone again to the first couple of instalments, and which revists a timeline closer to the first issue, but which has the shadow of the second hanging over it.

I’ll stop the vagueness now and be more concrete: this issue is about a young boy travelling through a range of imaginative alien worlds to muse on the concept of death, its inevitability and - maybe even, by the end of the issue - its desirability and necessity too.

It sets its theme out clearly from the opening pages, with an earthy and grounded prologue that soon gives way to a more fantastical and imaginative exploration of the same subject:

It manages to take the idea of death and treat it with the weight it deserves, while also achieving a certain levity and optimism by the end of the issue, which is a tricky act to pull off. There are some standout visuals too, like this inventive and surreal spread.


If there’s any criticism of the issue, I thought that the child-abuse angle that was slightly more gently implied in the first issue was a little more on-the-nose here (no pun intended), but I get why that choice was made to set up a certain tone for the issue and give its ending more weight.

Good stuff again @DenizCamp.


It was very very good @DenizCamp
I set it aside till this morning and took my time with it.
Next level stuff buddy congrats


Thank you for this extremely kind and thorough review, Dave!

Yeah, I thought about the abuse stuff. I really wanted to keep everyone and everything a little bit grey, and felt that the ending might be a little too easy, a little too uncomplicated, if I didn’t make explicit that the dad is not a “good” figure, and that any reconciliation is perhaps built on faulty ground, might even be an unhappy ending. From my personal experience children of abuse are able to forgive almost anything for that happy ending, self destructive though it is.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Thanks brother! Happy you dug it! We really started playing with the formal stuff here, and we take it up another notch in issue 5.

But before that, issue 4 is all heart and romance…and psychotic trans-temporal, interdimensional bounty hunters.


A few recent kind reviews…

Ain’t It Cool News lists it as the second best FCBD offering

Reading With A Flight Ring calls issue 3 “Single best issue of a series you are going to read point blank period.”

Oregon Live concludes " This is a challenging and creative work — one of the best books around."

And a few mentions as favorites, etc…


I missed this earlier in all the exctiement – thanks David!!


It read almost like a riff on Starlight to me. Was that part of the inspiration for the concept?



What about it seemed like Starlight to you?


The big space adventures, like Duke McQueen went on when he was younger.


Ha ha, well that’s a pretty vague connection. STARLIGHT was its own thing but obviously heavily influenced by Buck Rogers and, especially, Flash Gordon, and went so far as to maintain a retrofuturistic aesthetic. I’ve always log lined in my head as “FLASH GORDON MEETS DARK KNIGHT RETURNS”. It was very much about growing older, obsolescence, and at its core it is a love story told after the fact, all of which I carried into my Starlight story, or tried to.

Maxwell’s Demons is very much a reference to other things, both consciously and unconsciously. The opening was meant to nod to Calvin and Hobbes/Space man Spiff, but even before it came out people were telling me it brought to mind Adventure Time, Mighty Max, Gatchaman, Franklin Richards, and all kinds of stuff, some of which I have see and some of which I haven’t. The work of Pynchon looms heavy over the book, is probably the most obvious other.

We reinvent the book virtually every issue but we’re dealing with a core set of themes throughout, very different from STARLIGHT, and our main character couldn’t be any more different, I’d say.

Since I’m very much a “big idea” guy, conceptual density and weird scifi or magical elements are probably going to recur through most of my comics work.