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I am. I have a bit of catching up to do, but I am following it.

I am really impressed by the depth of what you’re doing. Everything is so well thought out.


New updates! This week’s fiction is issue 6 of Heroes ( ). You’ve probably noticed that each issue has been narrated by a different character, and this week it’s Fred’s turn. It gives me the chance to go a little into his background, his personality, and maybe even the reason he stays with a group where he’s clearly not comfortable.

Fred was created by my good friend David Allan, and he created a character so rich and complex that I wasn’t sure I could do him justice in my writing. But I’m happy with how the episode turned
out, and I hope Dave would have been too if he was still with us.

This is the first time I’ve felt that there has been enough revealed about a major character to make it worth writing a biography page. So there’s now a bio of Fred ( ), which doesn’t really reveal anything new but does summarise everything
we know so far. Don’t read this until after you read issue 6! There is also, for the first time, a character portrait! This is something I would love to have for all the characters, or at least the
major ones, but I lack the resources to commission artists to do them… the pictures of Fred are by my friend Tali Ritz, and I’m not sure how she perfectly captured how Fred looks in my mind because I don’t think I’ve done that good a job of describing him! (She’s done a perfect Sara too, which will appear in the near future. But that’s all I’ve got at the moment.)

This week’s encyclopaedia page covers the Los Angeles Globe ( ), a newspaper which you might have spotted in the story already, and which will ultimately have important links to both Heroes and Strikeforce.

Finally, another of Don’s mission reports ( ) finds Don musing on the bunch of misfits he appears to have picked up.


I wrote a new blog post doing a breakdown of how and why I wrote issue six of Heroes. It kind of got out of hand. 1000 words later I’d only covered the first four pages…


The second story arc of Strikeforce comes to a conclusion with Chapter 6: Killers.

And the first major Strikeforce character gets a who’s who biography: The Computer. Yes, I know it’s a computer not a person, but computers can be characters too! If you’ve been following the story, you’ll realise that the Computer is actually the most important character. Or at least, that’s what it thinks.

Over in the Heroes corner of the universe, Don’s mission reports continue, commenting on issue 5 of that story. And I’m launching a new section: The Los Angeles Globe news headlines. The concept behind this series of articles is to illustrate what’s making the headlines while each chapter of the story is taking place. This will give an insight into the wider world, and perhaps how it differs from our own. And possibly some headlines will foreshadow events that our heroes will become embroiled in. I’m not saying which ones, of course…

Links to all the new pages are on the home page at:


New blog post:

In which I attempt to explain what a role-playing game is and how I’ve turned it into a web site full of fiction.


Week 12 update!

The last issue of Heroes ended with Sara kidnapped by the nefarious Temple of Unity. In part two of the story we ask the all-important question: can Sara finish telling her history in a series of cunningly-written flashbacks before her friends rescue her? The answer is in Heroes issue #7: Zero.

Seriously, you have to read this one. Learn Sara’s background and how her power works. (“I’m good at finding things” … you didn’t fall for that, did you?)

And now I’ve covered her background in the story, she can get a biography page. Don’t read this until after you read the issue!

And then there are some news headlines and another mission report from Don. And some general updates to history pages. And stuff like that.


Work in progress: Strikeforce: Edwardian Times.


Update 13!

The lead story this week is chapter 7 of Strikeforce ( ). I’ll admit up front that I don’t like this chapter. I think the original events in the game were poorly thought out (by me), and when I looked back at it to write it out as a story I couldn’t make it work in any sensible kind of way. So my options were to omit the chapter entirely or to do a major rewrite of the “real” events.

Missing out the chapter wasn’t actually an option – a major group of charatcers have to be introduced, The Defense [sic] League of America, and as they will play a part in several future chapters this initial meeting with Strikeforce had to happen. So instead, I went for a re-write. The events you will read are not really what happened when we played the game, I’ve cut out some confusing elements and given a whole new explanation for the fateful meeting, but it’s covering the same ground in broad terms. Some of my changes may cause some problems down the line, but I can anticipate them and accomodate them with more minor changes in future chapters. I’m happy that the integrity of the narrative is presevered.

But I’m still not happy with the chapter I’ve presented. Sorry if it reads poorly, but it’s all I’ve got.

Anyway, the numerous false starts and re-thinks of all that didn’t leave me time for much else this week. I’ve added a new mission report ( ) and more L.A. Globe headlines ( ), and these features have both now caught up to date with the events of the Heroes story, meaning I’ll be able to keep them all in step in future.

I’ve also done a bit of updating in the history section ( ), but nothing important.


Update 14!!!

After revealing Sara’s background last issue, the only way I could follow that up was to have this issue narrated by Sara’s mother. Her actual mother! So expect some more revelations about Sara’s past. Plus James unmasks for the first time in front of the groun and tells everybody about his father. But why does this make Sara unhappy?

All this in Heroes issue #8, an issue that could only be called: Family.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, I’m also launching an entire new section: The Gazetteer of the Heroes Universe. This section will do for “places” what the Who’s Who section does for characters. There’s only (unimportant) place described so far, but now I’ve got the section launched I’ll be adding to it each week.

Plus a new news headlines page, some history updates, and, er, probably other stuff.

That’s it for now. I’m off to do a rewrite of Strikeforce chapter 8 in time for next week’s update.


Staggering on to update #15

New this week: chapter 8 of Strikeforce. Things are fairly quiet for the team, so it’s a good time to focus on some solo character interludes, picking up threads from previous chapters and laying the groundwork for what’s to come. In a fit of inspiration I’ve called this chapter “Interludes”.

This week’s Who’s Who entry looks at what we’ve learned so far about Avatar. The Gazetteer has a short bit on Crystal Lake Camp Ground, following my policy of getting the trivial entries out of the way before tackling the big stuff. And as usual some extra bits of the History are filled in, adding 2002 to the timeline and filling in a few dates in other years. Lots and lots to do here still, but I don’t want to start filling in historical details that will spoil future stories.

So, that’s it really. You’ll find the new pages listed on the home page as usual:


New blog post. The game that changed my life:


Far too much stuff to list in this week’s update.

In issue 9 of Heroes, things start (but haven’t yet finished) going horribly wrong for the
group, which is why I had to call the issue “Onward and Downward”.

Backup material this week includes entires in the History, Who’s Who, Gazeteer, News Headlines, and Mission Report section. I’m not going to list all the links, you’ll just have to go to the Home Page and find them all for yourself.


Only a single new page on the web site this week (because:reasons), and it’s a bit random-seeming (seemingly unconnected to the ongoing stories, but something I needed to write now anyway): The Diogenes Club.


And because I’m feeling guilty about only managing one page, here’s a new blog post about it:


New blog post! “Planning the Game”, in which I discuss how I went about creating the Heroes Universe 30 years ago…

… when I told the players, “Now give your character a secret
origin,” they really put their imaginations to work, and gave me story
ideas that I could run with for years. Much of the Game’s story arose
from the characters. Which is what stories are supposed to do, of
course. …


Ok, after the slight disruption I’m back on track.

The lead story this week is chapter 9 of Strikeforce. This wraps up the third story arc and ends with a major change in the team’s status quo. Along the way we learn a bit more about Avatar’s powers and get one of my favourite Nightflyer moments. You might also start to see that there’s more to Astra than meets the eye. Oh, and I introduce ace investigative reporter Penelope Lane. Yes, really. I’m so sorry.

There’s a major plot hole in the chapter that I just couldn’t reconcile or explain away, so I just left it in. Let me know if you spot it, but you’ll get no prize for doing so. (No prize, get it? Oh, please yourself.)

Elsewhere there’s a Whos’ Who entry for Gemini, which I know is completely random because he hasn’t actually appeared in any stories, but I felt like doing him. The Gazetteer entry is for Luey’s Place, and the Encyclopaedia entry sums up everything we know so far about Dimension W.


What the critics are saying about “Strikeforce” chapter 9:

Wow! And I’ve only just got to being thrown out the window.

Yes, really, it’s that exciting :laughing:

To get in on the defenestration action, get yourself over to the Heroes web site :stuck_out_tongue:


Blog: Scheduling Issues.


Just wrote a long essay on the principles of the Strikeforce teleport system, and realised it really needs some diagrams to go with it.

I’m rubbish at diagrams.

This may take some time…


Rubbish diagrams:

Hmm. Should probably make the background colours consistent.