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My New (old) Fiction Project


I may have mentioned my super-hero RPG a few times on here. It’s been running for almost 30 years, which by my calculation makes it probably the third-longest surviving superhero universe in the world, and with over 1000 weekly gaming sessions it’s had more “issues” than any super-hero comic other than Superman and Batman (ok, maybe the X-Men too… it’s hard to calculate how many X-books have been published :smiley: )

Anyway, on-and-off over the years I’ve tried assembling the game narrative into some form of fiction that might appeal to other people. I’ve just launched my latest attempt:

My plan is to write two separate on-going stories, “Strikeforce”, which is the story that started it all 30 years ago, and “Heroes”, which is the post-“crisis” reboot of the story. Strikeforce is a normal prose story, and just for variety Heroes is written as a comic script. Because, well, why not?

But that’s not all! No comics universe is complete without an “official handbook”, so I’m writing one of those too. And a history book. And, eventually, maps and maybe pictures! (Pictures might have to wait until I can afford to pay an artist…)

So, yes, that’s it really. If you feel like having a read, it’s all here: . Well, when I say “all” I mean, not very much at the moment as I’m only just launching the site. But I’m going to aim for weekly updates, and I’ve got lots of material stockpiled so I’m pretty sure I can stick to it.


This sounds fantastic David. I am looking forward to reading this.


i like the start, David. The overview is very well written.


Thanks for the kind words. I’ve miraculously kept to my promise of a weekly update, with three new pages posted today:

There’s chapter two of the Heroes story, plus a coupe of pages about Atlantis (because every super-hero universe needs to have an Atlantis, right?)

Ok, it’s still not a lot, but as a great man once said: “I have not yet begun to write.” Something like that, anyway :rolling_eyes:


Spent the evening writing an essay on how the graviton flywheel works. Yes, that’s the kind of thing I’m planning to put on the site. Riveting, eh? Why would anyone ever want to know that? I don’t know, I just like writing this stuff.

This is how it works, if you’re desperate to know:


I do like that you have thought all this stuff through rather than going with a “Bah! Science. It is like sorcery to your feeble brains” type of explanation.


Have you looked into flywheels used to story energy for regenerative braking? The concept and forces involved aren’t too far off. Supposedly, Williams F1 was testing one when KERS was first implemented. The story I heard was that it became unstable and put a hole in the wall of their dynamometer.


I’m aware of the use of flywheels in trains for braking – I think that’s been around for a long time. That’s probably where I got the name. I needed a piece of jargon to describe how gravity can be manipulated, came up with the term on the spot, and then had to come up with a pseudo-science explanation for what it meant.

Interesting you mention it becoming unstable and damaging the car. Without knowing that, I used the idea of a dangerous unstable graviton flywheel as a plot point on at least one occasion.


They never put that one on a car. It was just a test bench. Porsche uses a similar design in their LeMans cars though. It rides in a vacuum for less friction and a reduced likelihood of failure. If I’m not mistaken, they also have to account for the inertia of the spin.


Yay, another weekly update. Am I great or what?

Not as much as I wanted this time. A new chapter of Strikeforce, and a couple of fairly boring background pages (and a blog post explaining why they are boring!) The pages planned for next week will be more interesting, I promise :blush:

Hmm. I might write a bonus blog post now so it looks like I’ve done more this week.


As threatened, a between-updates new blog post:


Yes, david, of course you are.


I read it. I absolutely loved it.


New updates! The Heroes comic gets a new issue, there’s a history essay about ancient Egypt (why ancient Egypt? Why not…), there’s an essay about the police in the 24th century, and there’s a sketchy bio for another minor villain.

It’s all available at , if you can drag yourselves away from the football…


The country is collapsing around me but I’ve still managed another weekly update!

There’s the conclusion of the first Strikeforce story arc – with a shock ending you just won’t believe! (Am I doing this hyperbole thing right?) and a few other pages, including the promised article on how a graviton flywheel works. And you’ll want to read the blog page because there’s a competition with actual prizes! (N.B. there aren’t really any prizes.)

All the updates are here as usual:


I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy with all of this referendum nonsense to keep up with what really matters (I spent Saturday buried under newspapers).

I will check this in the next couple of days.


This week’s story update is chapter 4 of Heroes: In The Woods. Don leaves the group to fend for themselves, and you just know that’s not going to end well…

The history update is a timeline of the “Heroes” year, 2014, which at the moment is pretty short (the events have only covered two days!) but will grow from here on into something substantial.

In the encyclopaedia, there’s a compete contrast to last week’s science article, as this one explains how magic works.

It’s all waiting for you over at


Over on the home page at you will find links to this week’s new content: chapter 4 of Strikeforce, a timeline of the events of 1987 revealed so far (read this
after you read chapter 4!), an encyclopaedia entry on the Institute for Temporal Studies (are these the real villains of the piece?), and a who’s who entry for Viper (which rounds out the quartet of 24th-century villains and lets me move on to more interesting characters). I think I have 34 pages of content all together now. About 1% of the amount I expect to end up with…

I think chapter 4 of Strikeforce is the one that I’ve most enjoyed writing. This shows the first steps of the characters changing from super-powered science-fiction police officers to real, proper super
heroes in the traditional mould. We get secret identities, the start of a permanent supporting cast, and some actual proper intra-team relationships developing. In the Game, this marked the moment when I think I realised it had long-term potential and that the players were happy with the direction I wanted to go.


This week’s new story installment is issue 5 of Heroes ( ). This chapter introduces Harry, and gives some idea of how Paul Smithsteen’s multiple personality “power” operates. Other than that, it feels a bit like filler (I probably shouldn’t be admitting that!). I was still finding my way, and working out what type of story worked for these characters. I think the two part story coming up in #6 and #7 is where I hit my stride, so bear with me while I set up the pieces for that.

Talking about setting up pieces, you might also spot the first obvious link back to Strikeforce in Heroes #5. There’s a slight problem in telling two linked stories set 20 years apart, in that things you will read in one story will spoil certain things that are supposed to be revealed in the other story (and it will happen both ways). But there really isn’t anything I can do about that if I want to write both stories (and I do). So consider it a feature, not a bug.

Elsewhere this week, you’ll find articles on the Council of Science and Police Chief Kadnez from the 24th century, and at the opposite end of the timeline some hints at a story to be told in 11th-century Constantinople.


Yes, I know I missed a week. It’s not my fault! And nobody complained anyway, which probably means nobody’s reading.

The main addition this week is chapter 5 of Strikeforce ( ). The time-stranded team pays a visit to a man called Professor Zod in 1987, and things don’t go at all according to plan…

To complement this, there’s a biography of the 24th century version of Professor Zod ( )… confused? You will be… after you realise that the Strikeforce chapter also contains a guest appearance by young Don circa 1987, who’s currently starring over in the Heroes story ( ) as old Don circa 2014…

Talking of Don, I’m also experimenting with a new section: Don’s Mission Logs ( ). These will go hand-in-hand with each issue of Heroes and give Don’s personal view of each day’s events. I’m not sure if I’ll do this regularly, so let me know what you think of it (if you’re reading at all…)