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My new comic project - "The Murder Club" first look


Hello everyone!
After finishing my first comic “Powerless: Some Kind of Hero” last year (thread here: Working on a one-off British comic “Powerless: Some Kind of Hero”) I decided to never do comics again, as they take far too long to create.

So, I promptly wrote a script for a 114-page graphic novel, and I’m now 1/3 of the way through doing the art. So I either didn’t learn or I’m a masochist, one of the two :slight_smile:

My new comic is called The Murder Club and is about two, intelligent teenage psychopaths (in the true (i.e. non-Hollywood) sense) who team up to see if they can get away with murder. It should be out by the end of Summer, ready for the end of year UK comic conventions.

I’ve popped some WIP art below (figure tone-work first-pass, no backgrounds yet, apart from one test page) and would love to hear your thoughts.

FYI, I intend to do a Kickstarter later in the year, the same as for my first comic. It won’t be a huge total amount, as I’m not paying an artist, and it will just be for the printing costs.



I think that you have an intwresting idea there though it doesn’t seem.very background heavy. You have alot of white space. Also how many words do you have on page 18?


Hi there - glad you find it interesting.

These are still WIP pages and the backgrounds aren’t finished, apart from page 26, which is a ‘test page’ for background tones. Eventually the rest of the pages will have a similar amount of detail.

Also, that’s not the final cover, but a colour test I did for the characters. I intend to get another artist to do a proper cover for the book.

And yes, it is quite a wordy book, and this is after chopping out 4 pages and a full edit pass! But not all pages are like P18 though - I just happen to have picked out quite a dialogue-heavy scene :slight_smile:



Sure. I would just say be careful in that you don’t overwrite over the art. You want a balance between the two. I believe the general rule of thumb is 210 words per page divided by amount of pages that you need. So if you only need one image then you could put 210 words on that splash page. Or if you were going to do five panels then you would have 42 words per panel.


Thanks for the tips - I still have one final edit pass to do towards the end, so I’ll bear that in mind when I go through it.


No worries! And good luck!


Some 90% finished pages with backgrounds.


Another page almost done - getting close to finishing the first couple of chapters now, and still just about on schedule!



And here are some more 90% finished pages/panels. Nearly there with the first two chapters now, which, incidentally, will be given away free to all backers on the Kickstarter when it launches!

As a side-note, I discovered rendering convincing night time shots is really time-consuming, and I hate doing cars…


I like that you make sure to keep room for dialogue and or captions that is really awesome. Just my preference but I would be careful about that decompression your doing in those last three pages. They could easily be two, depending on dialogue size.


Oh yes, always well aware of where the dialogue will be going :slight_smile: - I try and plan them out at the same time as layouts, so I know how they will flow.
In those last 3 pages there is only dialogue on the first and last page, the middle page is a mood setter, with her father watching her go, which is then commented on on the third page.
I admit to being slightly influenced by manga in terms of pacing, where they often use a dialogue-free page or two to set the mood of a scene. Let’s hope it works in terms of the whole piece!


Just FYI - I am launching a Kickstarter for Part 1 of this story on 30th May.

I will have a preview link up here in the coming weeks to give you guys an early look, but for now here’s the official website:


And here is the preview link to the Kickstarter campaign - I would love to have your thoughts and feedback on it!



Whilst my very old temporary cover image is at the top of this post, I thought it time to release the final full cover, with just over a week to go until the Kickstarter launch!